How to Promote Videos, Slide Shares and Podcasts on Pinterest


Pinterest offers more than just sharing images on the site. It offers an opportunity to promote various multimedia content and get exposure for whatever you are pinning. As a social platform, you can promote videos, SlideShare presentations and even podcasts on Pinterest. Therefore, if this thought had not crossed your mind, try pinning your content on Pinterest today.


Videos from YouTube, Vimeo or your computer, can be pinned on Pinterest. If you create videos and regularly share them online, then perhaps you are looking to generate traffic for your website, company or looking for recognition. Pinterest can help you get the feedback you need. Your videos can be viewed by users because they are playable within Pinterest. Every video that you pin, is just a click away from being viewed. Pinterest allows users to watch your videos without visiting your site or going to YouTube.

To generate more feedback, make a compelling thumbnail image for your videos before pinning them. An interesting thumbnail image means more plays for your video. Additionally, it will increase the number of clicks to your website. It is also good to include a description and a catchy title to draw attention to your video. If you don’t want the video to play on Pinterest, but your site, make an image that links the video to your website.

SlideShare presentations

Slide shares can also be shared on Pinterest. A slide share pinned on Pinterest looks like an image, but it slightly differs as it has a play button on the lower left hand side. By just pinning your slide share, you will be promoting it to Pinterest users. To get it more attention, include a description and optimize it by inserting your website link.

Similar to videos, create an info-graph or image to link to either your slide share or your site. Note that a great slide share contains numerous attractive slides that are well organized and arranged in a flowing manner. A good tip is to pin your slides as images than to link to the main presentation. This strategy uses your visual slides as leverage within Pinterest which makes your board stand out. Moreover, it helps to promote your slide share presentation.


Audio files can also be promoted on Pinterest since they can play on the social network. The only caution is pinning a long podcast because Pinterest users may lack the patience to listen to them. A short podcast however will perform well. Alternatively, you can create and pin short clips of your podcast episode. Ensure you link the short podcast to the full podcast episode.

Pin your Pinterest in a manner that it plays directly from Pinterest. And as with videos, you can link your podcast to your website. You can also include short notes as a description to draw attention. Avoid including your podcast album art in each episode since it will be the same image in each episode.

Pinterest is a worthwhile choice for content creators seeking traffic. Sharing videos, slide shares and podcasts on Pinterest increases your content’s distribution. Present them intelligently to attract Pinterest users to click on them, like them and Re-pin them.





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