How to Promote Yourself with Pinterest

Are you a Pinterest user? If you think Pinterest is just all about pinning your favourite things on boards, think again. There is more to it than exploring and showcasing your interests online. With Pinterest, you have the opportunity to promote yourself to other people and develop your personal brand!       

Here are 6 ways you can promote yourself with Pinterest:

#1 Write a good about section

It’s all about writing a good introduction in the ‘About Me’ section. A completed introductory section could be highly influential in helping you promote yourself on Pinterest. Write a few sentences about yourself and what you do on your Pinterest page. You want other people to follow your boards so write something that will encourage them to check your pin collection.

Add your contact details on the about section as well including your location, email and links to your other social media profiles.

#2 Create several boards and add categories 

Create as many boards as you can, because it will give you the opportunity to share pins on various subjects thus increasing your chances of getting more followers. Also, if you add categories, your pins will reach more people as these will be visible to other Pinterest users who aren’t following you yet. This means that you will be getting more pins, repins, likes, comments and clicks!

#3 Add a Pinterest board widget

In order to get more people follow your boards, add the board widget to your website or personal blog. This button will allow you and other users to check the latest 30 pins on the selected board. Make sure that you add your most popular boards at the top so that you can represent your logo or brand better.   

#4 Invite board contributors

An excellent way to connect with other people on Pinterest is through sharing a board. By inviting your followers to contribute to your boards shows them that you like what they are sharing and you want to be part of that. Not to mention, it will get them to like you and promote you more! Check the Pinterest Day board to see how this works.

#5 Give your boards unique names and covers

Make your board names unique and short to help people remember your boards. A unique name makes the board memorable as it stands out from the rest and gets more followers. Visit 007 Marketing to check how they are doing it. Also, you could add some good images that your board covers in order to make it easier for other Pinterest users to understand what your board is about.  

#6 Add good pin descriptions

When you are pinning new images make sure that you add good pin descriptions as these help your followers and other people find out more about your pins instantly. Explain what your pin is about and why you like it so that people with the same interests as you will choose to follow your board. Also, you could add hashtags and links to the images to get more traffic.

If you don’t have a Pinterest account and would like to promote yourself more online, sign up now and enjoy all these benefits you can get from Pinterest!

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