Proof That Bill Gates is Better Than Batman

Who would you go with, Bill Gates or Batman? Well, both of them are pretty awesome. However, this superb infographic by Frugal Dad should convince you that Bill Gates is the bigger hero.

Solid Arguments for Bill Gates

  • He solves real, life-and-death problems around the globe.
  • His results are ‘SMART’: specific, measurable, ambitious, real-world and time-bound.
  • His work has saved nearly 6 million lives from diseases and infections that include Hepatitis B, Yellow Fever and Whooping Cough. So, unlike Batman, he really does have ‘superhuman’ powers.
  • He’s part of the powerful “League of Legends.”
  • He is extremely philanthropic, and even founded the “Giving Pledge”, which encourages wealthy Americans to give away a substantial part of their net worth to charitable causes.
  • He wields extraordinary influence: check out the list of heavyweights that have pledged away half of their net worth in the Giving Pledge.
  • Gates also works with the Gavi Alliance, a powerful body that consists of UNICEF, the World Bank, the UN and other organisations, who together have lowered the cost of vaccines for the world’s poorest.
  • His magnanimity seems to know no bounds: he has personally donated a third of the total funding raised by the Gavi Alliance and has been described as one of the most generous people in the world.

Arguments for Batman

  • He has an assortment of cool super vehicles.
  • His attire is somewhat splendid, not to mention that awesome utility belt.
  • He does destroy bad guys.

Hands down readers, it’s Bill Gates all the way.

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Who do you prefer and why? Your thoughts and comments below please...