Pros and Cons of Blogging with a Partner

According to a survey conducted by Blogging.Org, there are 31 million bloggers in the U.S. Of those bloggers, 17% earn a living and can support their family on the blog earnings. 81% never make more than $100 on their blog efforts. The other 2% make over six figure incomes blogging from exotic locations. There are two types of bloggers—the professionals and the hobbyists. There are three types of blogging situations: solo blogging, partner blogging and a host blogging group. This article will discuss the pros and cons of blogging with a partner as well as a third option for blogging.

An Example of Partner Blogging Gone Bad

Audrey van Petegem is an Independent Blogger who recently had a feature article published in the Huffington Post. She shared her experiences with partner blogging and how it went bad. Ms. Petegem began blogging with her best friend of 18 years and the experience went well for a long time. No legal agreement had been signed, it was all based on a verbal agreement. Neither of them ever expected not to be friends anymore. They had a disagreement and their partnership failed. She shared that her partner had created all the passwords to the email accounts, WordPress site and social media platforms. Ms. Petegem’s partner had changed all the passwords and then locked her out of the accounts. Her livelihood had been stripped away and her reputation in jeopardy. Bloggers can take some wisdom from Ms. Petegem’s situation. She wrote, “The bottom line is, it costs money to start a business. Blogging is a business. As the Boy Scout’s motto states, ‘Be prepared.’

Pros of Partner Blogging

  1. Beneficial for busy people who do not have the time to blog daily and would like to work with a partner they trust to provide optimal content.
  2. Creative collaboration with a partner can assist in generating future content, interesting blog titles and ways to increase traffic.
  3. Partners working together have a greater probability of drawing traffic to the blog from a double social media and professional network.
  4. Working with a partner can become a fun and exciting process, especially for writers since most of the time it is a solitary occupation.

Cons of Partner Blogging

  1. Working with a partner can become a difficult situation, especially for writers who usually work alone in this solo profession—if the two personalities don’t mesh.
  2. Writing styles are very different and writers can be extremely particular people. Two different writing styles can become an issue of contention.
  3. Opting to create a legal agreement to confirm the details of your partnership can become costly and a hassle to your relationship.
  4. There is also the possibility of a messy “break up” in your blogging partnership as shown in the experience of Ms. Petegem.  

There is a Third Blogging Option

If you decide that solo blogging and partner blogging is not the answer for you, there is a third blogging option. If you start a host blogging group, you begin a blog and start blogging to make a name for yourself online. However, your main goal is to locate competent guest bloggers to write content for your blog. At my website, I host 6 different blogs and have a few regular guest bloggers as well as one-time or a few-times-a-year guest bloggers.

My Blog Guest is a great free resource to sign up for. You can complete the simple registration process and list the types of blog posts you are seeking. They also have a database and forum you can visit to connect with guest bloggers. Another helpful online resource is the Hubspot Blog Topic Generator. The program allows you to enter three different terms into the fields. Nouns are preferred. In a few seconds, the program processes the terms and provides you with 5 possible blog topics.

It is important to consider all sides to this issue before deciding on what type of blogging journey to begin. There are benefits and disadvantages to each blogging type. Consider the example of Independent Blogger, Audrey Petegem. Remember there is always a third option where you can find guest bloggers and still retain the control of your blog while gaining great content and saving time.


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