Protein Shakes For the Working Woman!

Including protein shakes in your diet when you are training on a regular basis (as I encourage all my readers to be doing!!!) is very important. In my last article I wrote about getting your workout in even when you have a hectic work schedule. Now that we've got that under control, let me talk to you about your protein consumption!

I won't get too into diet right now (save that for later!) but if you are training and living a fitness lifestyle you must be on a high protein diet, and you must be eating often throughout the day to keep that metbolism blasting. Eating a protein meal every 3 hours or so can be difficult, especially if you are piled up with work in the office.

This is exactly why protein shakes were invested - to supplement protein food! 

Having a protein shake a couple times a day at work will keep you from the hassle of having to prepare/go get a healthy protein filled meal during your lunch hour. Just down your shake and you're good to go! Being at work, whether office-based or outdoors, shouldn't mean there is a pause in your diet and nutrition, and certainly shouldn't mean that you should be shy of your supplementing! Protein Shakes are the number one workout supplement, which means you should always take protein powder with you to work.  

A little while ago I wrote a post on my Personal Blog (Real On The Inside) - "The 411 on Protein Shakes for Women"  - where I covered some important ground on the basics of Protein shakes:

"Let me clear something up before I continue, protein will not turn you manly or in to a bodybuilder. No matter how much you take. The size of your muscle growth will depend on the type of training, and diet you follow. There are different types of protein but the most common type people use as a supplement for working out is Whey Protein Isolate. Why? Whey protein is an easy to digest protein so it is commonly used as a supplement after working out. It has approximately 110 calories per scoop (differs depending on the brand) , it has no carbs or fat, and about 25 grams of protein per serving. Whey protein stops your body from your blood sugar spiking, which in turn keeps you from overeating.  What it does is it gives you a positive nitrogen balance which is ideal for muscle growth (not big bulky bodybuilder muscles, but lean muscle mass) which helps you keep a high metabolism. It also reduces body fat, helps support a healthy immune system and bone health and it even reduces cholesterol levels." 

Keeping protein on you saves you time at work, money (from having to constantly buy healthy meals) and a lot of hassle when it comes to having to prep a high protein meal while juggling the rest of the office demands.    Protein comes in all sorts of flavors to suit your taste, and if you want, you can get higher calorie proteins depending on what your goals are. If you need help choosing a brand of protein to reach your goal, or you just want to know what tastes good ---> Comment below and I will share with you my PERSONAL favorite flavors and brands of protein!

Happy Training! 

What would you like to see me Blog about next? Comment below! 

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