Qatar Fake Work Permits

Qatar is a small emirate located in the Middle East. Being rich in natural resources such as oil and gas, Qatar has attracted many foreigners to work as well as invest within the country. The economy of the country has been left unscratched by the global recession due to its abundant natural resources and stable financial and political structure. With a population that boasts many different nationalities and a rapidly growing economy, Qatar has become a popular location to move for work purposes.

As a result of its popularity, there have been a number of job scams that offer fake work permits to secure employment within Qatar. It is imperative that individuals are aware of these scams and take measures to verify employment opportunities in Qatar through appropriate channels before signing contracts or agreeing to any terms.

The following is a brief outline of some job scams that are offered to work in Qatar:


A large number of Tunisians have been victims of a job scam run a recruitment consultancy in Tunisia. This consultancy ran job vacancies in one of the most popular Tunisian newspapers in a bid to attract potential candidates. The job posts had unclear details about the job, its location and salary – misleading individuals in applying for a better life in Qatar.

Many of the Tunisians that applied for the job posted in the newspaper were offered employment which entailed paying the recruitment consultancy a certain sum of money. The work permit issued by fraudulent recruitment agencies can lead the permit holder to facing serious legal charges. Therefore it is integral to research and obtain an authorized work permit from the correct regulatory authority.


Being one of the most corrupt countries in the world, Nigeria has been a generator of employment scams for many years. The most recent has been the act of a few dishonest agents acting as recruitment consultants and issuing fake work permits to Nigerians who wish to work in Qatar.

Most individuals who have been a victim of these employment scams have borrowed large sums of money, as well as sell their land and property, in order to purchase these fake work permits from these unscrupulous agents. Promising a better quality of life and guaranteed employment, these fake work permits are enticing many poor and unskilled Nigerians to invest in their future.

Avoiding Job Scams

When seeking employment within Qatar, it is advised to obtain the work visa directly from the country’s embassy rather than through an agent. It is important to be aware of job vacancies that are vague and do not provide information about the specific duties that the employee will be performing. Job description and salaries outlined within these job posts are usually agreed on fake permits which become invalid, making the permit holder an illegal immigrant in Qatar.