Quirky: The Easy Way To Invention Heroism

Quirky, the networking site for inventors

Have you dreamed of being an inventor? Do you like to tinker but know deep inside that your ideas will cost thousands of dollars that you don't have before they'll ever see the light of day? Jake Zien did too, but he's well on his way to millionaire status because of one innovative company.

Quirky is the social networking site for people with ideas. They offer two ways to make money. You can present an invention idea that is voted on by the community and accepted by Quirky staff or you can influence the development of products introduced by others.

Jake Zien got the idea for a different type of power strip while in high school. But it wasn’t until he was in college that he heard about Quirky and submitted his idea for consideration. Now, he's making hundreds of thousands of dollars and Pivot Power has become the biggest selling item in Quirky's inventory. Another Quirky member, Lemonheads, has no inventions to his name and he has earned more than $100,000 influencing how other ideas are made, priced, and marketed.

Once you submit an idea, your task is to persuade other Quirky community members to vote on it. If you get 200 votes within 30 days, then your idea will be selected to go through Quirky's expert evaluation phase. If it passes muster, the company will produce it and you'll earn royalties.

Here are some tips for becoming a successful inventor and networker on Quirky:

  • Submit only one idea at a time
  • Spend some time each day voting on other people's ideas (you're allowed up to 10 votes each day)
  • When you vote on an idea, leave a comment on the Community feedback tab to alert the inventor of that idea and let them know what order your vote fell in at (e.g. #85)
  • Friend a few people each day. All you need is 7 votes on your idea each day to make 200 votes in one month.
  • Be as thorough as you can when you submit an idea. Give all the details about your product as you can and include images that depict your idea in the best way possible.
  • Make a list of your best supporters and keep it handy. When you submit a new idea, send a note to those supporters letting them know you have a new idea.

Quirky is revolutionizing the invention process. By crowd sourcing great ideas, the company can streamline the manufacturing process, reward influencers and inventors alike, and take awesome ideas to market less expensively while creating affordable products. If you're highly creative and like exercising your imagination, Quirky is a networking community for people with ideas.