QUIZ: Can I Survive Living Abroad for my Career?

Moving overseas to propel your career in the right direction is a dream for most professionals, but when it comes down to making a decision, reality often kicks in and many feel that they do not have what it takes to survive abroad, alone.

Take our quiz to find out if you would be suited to a career overseas!


              1.      Do you get homesick when staying away from your friends and family?

a)      No, never. I love experiencing new adventures in life.

b)      Sometimes, if I am away for long periods of time, but a phone call home always cheers me up.

c)       Yes, always! I hate being away from my family for more than one week at a time. 


2.       Do you want to experience new cultures?

a)      Not really, I am happy with my own thanks.

b)      Yes I would like to know how other people live, but I wouldn’t change my ways for anyone.

c)       Yes I would love to experience new cultures and practice new ways of living. 


3.       Are you a keen flyer?

a)      No, I have a fear of flying.

b)      I don’t mind flying but wouldn’t choose to do it often.

c)       Yes I love being in the air! I have flown several times this year already. 


4.       Can you speak another language or are you interested in learning a new language?

a)      No, I have no desire to learn another language as everyone speaks English these days.

b)      I did French in school but can’t remember much. I wouldn’t mind learning a new language if it was easy enough to pick up.

c)       I can speak one other language but I am always up for learning new ones. 


5.       Do you feel your career is more important than being with your friends and family?

a)      No, family always comes first, my job will never be that important to me.

b)      My career isn’t more important but I have been brought up to succeed in life.

c)       Yes, I will travel anywhere and work weekends if need be to be successful in my career. 


6.       Do you like eating international cuisine?

A)     I only eat my mum’s homemade chicken dinners.

B)      I don’t mind having a Chinese or Indian takeaway on a Friday night.

C)      I love trying new dishes and cooking with different ingredients.


7.       Do you have the financial standing to survive abroad?

a)      I live wage to wage at the moment whilst living at home so moving abroad would be financially difficult for me right now.

b)      I have some savings in the bank but I am using this to buy the new iPhone.

c)       I have been putting money aside each month for a long time now just in case I ever had the change to emigrate. 


8.       Are you happy living and working where you do presently?

a)      Yes, I love being a ‘home-bird’ and my job is only round the corner from my mum’s house.

b)      I enjoy living at home but my job isn’t giving me much satisfaction right now.

c)       I really can’t stand the fact that I am not experiencing life outside of my hometown and my job is going nowhere fast 


9.       When it comes to your career, what is more important to you? Location, job title, or money?

a)      Location, I want to be as close to home as possible.

b)      I think all 3 are equally important.

c)       Job title and money are essential; I will move to wherever I need to for the right job.


10.   Can you cope being on your own for long periods of time?

a)      I like to be around my friends and family as much as possible.

b)      I like to have my own space at times but prefer to spend my weekends with friends.

c)       I am fine being on my own; I am a sociable person so I am confident I can make friends wherever I am.


Mostly A – It seems you are happy where you are and moving overseas is probably not the right direction for your to take.

Mostly B – You appear to be happy where you are but could be tempted to move overseas if the right job came along. Keep your eye out for good job opportunities in countries you have always wanted to visit!

Mostly C – You should be on the next flight to Hong Kong, Australia or wherever it is that takes your fancy! You are born to be a professional working abroad and would succeed in taking your career overseas. You need to experience life, new cultures and different working environments and believe that there are better things on the horizon for you to enjoy.