QUIZ: How Much Do You Love Your Job?

How in love with your job are you? Very? Not much? Not at all? Take the quick quiz below to find out your true feelings towards the job you think you like…

#1 When asked what you do for a living you…

  1. Are eager to talk about your job and begin a discussion about how excited you are about an upcoming project
  2. You state your job title, smile and change the conversation (it’s the weekend, no-one wants to talk about work on the weekend)
  3. You start to sweat and you get that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach.

#2 You are on friendly terms with your co-workers

  1. Yes, you regularly go to BBQ’s and social events as a group
  2. You know them relatively well but you keep your social lives private
  3. Your co-worker is a stranger to you, even after 5 years of working side by side!

#3 You spend your lunch hour…

  1. Researching new ways to improve procedures and work practices
  2. You take some time way from the office and plan a lunch date with a friend
  3. You go home just so you can get as far away from the office as possible

#4 You are accumulated 3 days worth of overtime, do you…

  1. Say you don’t want or need the 3 days off work, you would rather be working than bored at home anyway
  2. You take 1 day off and get paid for the remaining 2 days you accumulated
  3. You book your 3 day holiday there and then

#5 At the end of a working day you feel…

  1. Like staying behind an extra hour just to get a bit more work done for the day 
  2. A bit tired and glad its home time
  3. You are ecstatic and are the first one out the front door



If you answered mostly "1" – You LOVE LOVE LOVE your job…but maybe a little bit too much 

If you answered mostly "2" – You are happy and healthy in our current job

If you answered mostly "3" – You HATE your job and should find a new one as soon as possible