Rags to Riches

No matter where you come from if you work hard enough, hold on to your dream with persistence and contumacy, you too can succeed in  your field if you are passionate enough. Having humble beginnings isn’t a hindrance it can actually be a point of reference and a motivation to rise up beyond, people’s expectations and society’s standards.

None of these people were content with the status quo but went beyond their resources, means and went on to trail-blaze in their own respective fields. These 25 individuals climbed the social ladder starting from a lower tier than most, and went on to surpass individuals that came from much more privileged backgrounds.

Their stories have inspired books, movies and other people to achieve and pull themselves out of abject poverty. These 25 people are not only wealthy visionaries, but they also use their money to help other people that are at a disadvantage with philanthropy.

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