Reasons Why Top Employers Hire Veterans

There are some shocking statistics regarding unemployment amongst veterans, the most shocking of which is that the unemployment rate amongst veterans is 20% higher than that of the general population. Veterans usually have a hard time transitioning from a military to a civilian career. But, recently, a group of 200 companies signed up to an initiative dedicated to hiring one million veterans. To date, they have managed to hire 240.000 ex-military men and women. The great thing about this initiative is that employers have realized the value of employing highly trained, highly dedicated and loyal veterans, but there’s a little bit more to the story.

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1. Benefits to Productivity

Ex-members of the armed forces are trained to work under immense pressure, and problem solve on the fly…all while being bombed, shot at and carrying almost a hundred kg (or pounds its cool, we can all be friends, metric or imperial, all I see are units of measurement man).

Sure that might not seem like a benefit in the civilian world…or is it. Many start-ups are fast pace environments, often in rapidly rising and hostilely competitive sectors (such as tech and finance), that demand long hours and creative thinking. So who would you prefer to hire, a soft college kid, or a hardened, trained ex-military person that is undoubtedly at both their cognitive and physical peak?

2. Invaluable Leadership Skills

Career military personnel usually had to lead people and also keep them safe. This is even true for individuals that weren’t engaged in an active war zone. Their training hones many skills including strategy, macro and micro-situational perception skills, and planning and preparation skills.

All of these skills are important if not critical in the civilian world and industry. Even low ranking individuals are trained to work well in a team while having their own individual responsibilities, and also complete the mission. All of these skills can be applied in the real world.

3. Not Just Honorable

I hate to break it to you people, but big money first looks out for its own and then for everyone else. Sure, the unexpected benefits are people that served their country being able to have a job and support themselves and loved ones, but there are few corporations in the world that actually care about people, no matter how much they say they do (I’m looking at you Coca-Cola). Companies that employ veterans receive a slew of financial benefits including tax credits, reimbursements and bonuses. In fact, the Special Employer Incentives for Hiring Veterans promises:

Employers are reimbursed for up to half the Veteran’s salary to cover certain supplies and equipment, additional instruction expenses, and any loss of production.

Also, individual states have various other acts in place to incentivize companies to hire veterans. Connecticut pays employers roughly $900 a month in tax credits to hire active military or newly discharged members of the armed forces, which under the job expansion/creation tax credit only comes to $500 normally.

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Do you know any other reasons veterans are a good choice for big companies? Let us know in the comment section below.

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs




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