Reasons Why Your Online Strategies Are Missing the Mark with Millennials

The Millennial market is the toughest to crack with many younger consumers being relatively picky when it comes down to what they choose to view online. With stiff competition from competitors churning out innovative and engaging content that is capable of appealing to this particular type of audience, business owners can’t afford to not nail the millennial audience when it comes to online branding and content.

Yahoo, Tumblr, Digitas and Razorfish have joined forces to publish a report titled Content Marketing: Best Practises Among Millennials which shows that 45% of millennials are not impressed by content marketing strategies.

That’s nearly half of this particular consumer market which is more than enough if you want to ensure that your online content is spot on. This report surveyed 15,000 18 to 34-year-olds and if you pay close attention to what are some brilliant conclusive indicators - targeting the millennial market is a combination of good old fashioned content marketing know-how, but with a digital edge:

Key Observations of Millennial Consumers

  • 76% of surveyors want content that will keep them in the know about what is going on in the world around them and 75% want content that they can learn from.
  • 72% of surveyors feel that they are spoilt for choice when it comes to online content.
  • Millennial audience are accustomed to online advertisements with 46% of them noticing online ads and 1/3 of them sharing it via social media networks.

Now here is where this report gets really interesting. The following are what really gets millennial audiences engaged with online content:

  • 46% of millennial surveyors enjoy content that is reflective of them.
  • 53% of millennial surveyors enjoy content that entertains them.
  • 48% of millennial surveyors enjoy content that is innovative.
  • 47% of millennial surveyors enjoy content that is distinctive.
  • 46% of millennial surveyors enjoy content that is informative.
  • 54% of millennial surveyors enjoy content that gets straight to the point by being short in length.

Tips and Strategies for Engaging Millennial Audiences with Online Content

This report suggests that brands with a bit of personality go a long way when it comes to millennial audiences, so keep that in mind when you are thinking about branding and content. If you can inject a bit of life into your content, millennials are more likely to take a look at what your business is getting up to.

Another great tip that this report suggests is to include gifs, images, videos and any other form of enriched content that will keep millennials engaged. Instead of millennials being met with a rather boring wall of text when they land on your web page, you should shake things up a bit by including some of these elements to your online posts. Getting nostalgic is also something that this report advocates when it comes to targeting younger audiences with online content. This is a great pointer and one you should take into consideration.

What makes this report a valuable resource to business owners is that it takes the complexity out of online marketing. Sure, millennials are harder to target, but that is because they are more digitally savvy than older generations. In order to tap into this market, you have to do some research into making your brand relatable, but most importantly easy to consume and digitally relevant.


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