How to Recognise the Benefits of a Busy Lifestyle

Our current lifestyles have us racing around, finding that there's simply not enough time in the day. We feel so busy, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Being busy may cause you to feel overwhelmed and tired some days, but there are many benefits to having a busy lifestyle.

A busy lifestyle that's positive is evaluated in terms of how one's time is spent. Before we focus in on changes that make you feel better about your busy schedule; let's look at some benefits that a busy lifestyle can bring. 

  1. Time Management Skills: This is potentially one of the greatest skills, especially within our current lifestyles. Learning how to manage, will not make your day feel so hectic. Learning how to prioritize is a key component within time management. Ask yourself what needs to be done, and which tasks can hold off. When your life is busy, you're forced to adapt. Your time management skills will progress and develop. You will be able to prioritize more efficiently and transfer these skills to your everyday life. 
  2. Self-Accomplishment: If you're extremely busy, you're more than likely doing things you like or that need to be done. Regardless, the more you get done, the more accomplished you feel. Although being overly busy can be tiring, it's fulfilling. Which would you rather; sit on the couch for a full week doing nothing or have a week that involved football after work, an extended family dinner, walking the dog, building your portfolio, etc. If you chose sitting on the couch doing nothing, then you're not targeting the 'right' areas when you are busy. You should have a sense of accomplishment at the end of a busy week.
  3. Personal Development: Until the moment we leave this earth, we are constantly developing. You will still find new things about yourself when you're ninety. We are always changing and growing. When you're extremely busy you're experiencing all kinds of different scenarios. Whether you are building a business, or simply socializing; you are finding new things about yourself.
  4. Self-Esteem and Confidence: Feeling good about yourself is so important. Self-esteem plays a large role in how we approach our work environment, social life, and even has an effect on our well-being. If you are busy, you're experiencing the world around you (whether you acknowledge it or not). With different experiences, your knowledge and confidence will grow. If you are accomplishing a lot, or trying new things you are good at your self-esteem will benefit.
  5. Negative Thoughts Are Left in the Dust: If you are busy doing positive things within your day, you do not have time to think about negative thoughts. We have all experienced a break-up or a job loss. When these instances occur, the worst thing you can do is sit around. When you're doing nothing, your attention and focus will be on that one negative thought. When you are out and keeping busy, there is no time for negative thoughts to hinder your chances of having a good day.

If you are reading these benefits and do not agree that being busy makes you feel positive, you may need to take a look at how your busy days are spent. Here are some changes that you may need to make in order for your busy days to seem beneficial.

Leave Stress Behind

There's a big difference between; being busy in terms of stress, and being busy in terms of happiness. We all know how stress can make us feel, it also negatively affects our health. If you're busy, but all you feel is stress; take a look at how you spend your days. Break down your day. Where are you spending most of your time? For the majority, most time will be spent at work. Work can be busy, but still make you feel happy and accomplished. If you are feeling hectic at work, but you're not feeling like your time is beneficial or enjoyable; maybe you need to go back to the drawing board. There are a large amount of people who do not enjoy their workplace, but this can be fixed. It is in your power to work towards a job that brings you a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

Spend Time Doing Things You Love

If you feel like a chicken with its head cut-off, but you're not spending any of your time doing things you enjoy; what's the point? Make a list of all the areas within your life; career, hobbies, family/friends, health, personal development, etc. Focus on the amount of time you're spending within each category. If you are spending; 75% of your time at work (where you don't enjoy your time); 10% with your family; 5% focusing on your health; 5% on romance; and 5% completing hobbies, you need to make some serious changes. Think about if there were more of a balance. You wouldn't mind being busy if your hobbies accounted for 20% of your time, and family was accounting for 30%. It's all about balance, and which areas make you happy.

Don't Spend Free Time Doing Nothing

I understand that work can be draining, even if you love your job. Many of us are up early and get home in later than we would like. With that being said, don't come home and mindlessly veg in front of the TV. If possible, get involved in something you love. Choose two nights during the week to start. Sign-up for an art class, or join a sports team. If you are spending your time doing something you enjoy, creating an overall beneficial experience; being busy will not be looked at negatively.

At the end of the day, the power is in your hands. Being busy is a matter of perspective. You may view being busy as wonderful, while the next will view it as a curse. Focus on how your time is being spent. Begin incorporating more and more areas that develop personal growth and positive feelings. Embrace a busy lifestyle; you have the power to do so.


Photo credit: Flickr