Recommedations Hugely Improve Employability

Few things rank as highly as a positive referral when it comes to pursuit of a hassle-free job search. When they work as they should, recommendations from satisfied previous employers which show you in a good light will often see you fast tracked to the top of the candidate pile. Brought in for an interview without much deliberation at all, and with a predetermined level of confidence in your midst.

Despite the massive overflow of professionals seeking appropriate working roles at present, one of the toughest challenges faced by hiring managers on a consistent basis is picking out the right person to hire. Whilst a great decision can positively impact the success and productivity of just about any team, hiring the wrong person can prove very  to be very damaging to company, not to mention the standing of the individual responsible for making such calls.

Recommendations Instil Confidence

A true statement whether you’re a candidate or a hiring manager, the confidence provided by a solid referral is unmatchable. The modern processes involved with applying for a job are slightly flawed in terms of assurances- simply on account of the anonymity they shroud applicants with.

The extremely impersonal process of applying for a job online (as most companies now require prospective employees to do) is supplemented in this instance by the fact that the only information provided about a candidate must be taken from their CV and covering letter. Though this is the primary function of a CV, multiple studies conducted over recent years have theorised that many people will actually resort to lying in order to get their foot through the door. With this, a good recommendation blows all of the CV bragging imaginable clean out of the water, every time. 

Recommendations Replace Scepticism with Trust

Not only are your odds of getting an interview for a job much higher if you have a relevant referral, but your chances of it actually going well are massively improved too. Giving your application a springboard upon which to launch itself with heightened confidence, entering an interview when you know you are vouched for is a world apart from the dubious and cold process of blind selection.

As you’re credentials are already confirmed, your interviewers are also likely to spend far less time probing you about the facts outlined on your CV. Instead, you can expect they will be conjecturing as to the kind of fit you’d make in their organisation.

Instant Credibility

The single most powerful aspect of a good professional referral, whether it be a couple of sentences scribbled on a pay slip or a headed, A4 appraisal- is the instant credibility it awards the recipient. Securing a workable and relevant recommendation gives any candidate a much greater sense of confidence within the overall job seeking process.

The difference between entering an interview cold and entering one with a piping hot referral is that you need not be concerned about being believable. This takes a great deal of weight off your shoulders and enables you to concentrate on the role in question- and more importantly your suitability to filling it!


Employers are all about finding ways to reduce the risk involved in the hiring process. One of the best ways to guarantee a decrease in this aspect is through referrals. They know this, and now you know this – so go forth and use it to your advantage!