How to Recruit Workers on Twitter


Is finding your next dream job just a hashtag and tweet away?

The recruiting process has been drastically altered in recent years. Gone are the days of posting an advertisement on a job board seeking out a qualified candidate or waiting for walk-in job applicants. Today, human resource professionals and hiring managers are employing social media tools to locate the next employee for the company.

recent survey found that 93 percent of employment recruiters planned to incorporate social media into their hiring strategies this year. This is in addition to conventional methods of looking for a candidate with the proper educational qualifications and employment credentials. 

Why is social media recruiting becoming a prevalent tool in the arsenal of HR? Aside from confirming an applicant’s resume, it also allows companies to have a glance at a job candidate’s personal life, values and cultural habits. The ladder is the most important aspect of this hiring scheme because it’s crucial for a business to determine if they would be a cultural fit.

"Traditionally, social media’s importance to recruiting has been limited to the way it is used to weed out candidates who might be a bad fit -- in other words, those unprotected tweets can do serious damage when recruiters are evaluating potential employees," said Yarden Tadmor, CEO and founder of anonymous job search and recruiting app Switch, in an interview with CIO magazine. "But social media, whether staple networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter or burgeoning apps like our Switch … has become a convenient and comprehensive way for recruiters to find, ’like’ and connect with candidates." 

Although most hiring professionals and job seekers will utilize LinkedIn as part of their job hunt strategy, other social media outlets are becoming increasingly popular to hire employees and find employment opportunities. One such social network is the microblogging website Twitter. 

Here are a few statistics to take a gander at: 

  • More than one-third of jobseekers are on Twitter 

  • One-quarter of jobseekers have used Twitter for their job hunt 

  • Eight million Americans say Twitter has been integral to their current job 

  • Six percent have gotten a job referral through Twitter 

  • Eight percent have updated their Twitter account with professional information 

"While referrals are still the top source of new jobs, online social networks play an increasingly important role in job hunting today," said Dan Finnigan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jobvite, in a statement. "The job referrals happening on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter benefit employers, job seekers and the economy overall." 

In today’s vast talent pool and limited job openings, it’s imperative for a business to locate the right employee. This allows the company to reduce their training costs, save on recruiting accounts and ensure retention rates are high. 

If you’re a hiring manager and you’re looking to add Twitter to your HR plight then here are four ways to interact with a field of jobseekers who are itching to make a name for themselves and land the right job in their career industry. 

1. Create or Follow a Hashtag 

Are you in the midst of a hiring blitz? Is there a relatable hashtag that demands your attention? A hashtag can make your brand stand out and gain the attention of qualified job candidates. By incorporating the right hashtags into your tweets, your company can readily receive an array of tweets from prospects, and perhaps even garner some mainstream attention.

post vacancies
post vacancies

2. Launch a Twitter Chat 

What’s interesting with social media is that not only can your brand find the right team members, it can also enhance the company’s image and be depicted as a modernized enterprise that is taking advantage of today’s technology. 

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This is where a Twitter chat enters. A Twitter chat is a question-and-answer session of sorts as well as providing important tips about how to participate in an interview, how the company interacts with its staff members and how the business views today’s millennial workforce. It’s important to advertise this event ahead of time because very limited interaction can diminish the brand and perhaps backfire.

3. Share Employment News & Content 

Akin to social media marketing, sharing content and employment news is key to recruiting and remaining in the feed of job prospects. Employment candidates will immediately notice that the company cares about the labor force’s well-being and is interested in sharing crucial information with its followers. 

4. Ensure Staff are Active on Twitter 

Finally, employment candidates don’t want to think it’s a robot managing a Twitter account or that it’s all a part of some elaborate scheme to boost a brand’s image. Instead, individuals want to see what employees think about the brand. Moving forward, try to get your workers to post a vine, speak with employees on Twitter and tweet something funny about their job.

Social media recruiting is gradually becoming the next big thing in the human resources industry. Of course, recent graduates have to be careful that they don’t share too much info on social media because it could hurt their chances of landing a job. With that being said, this is an innovative way to interact with the company, even if you don’t have the job yet. 

Have you used Twitter to land a job? How did you find the experience? Your thoughts and comments below please...




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