Recruiting Tips: The Best Places to Advertise a Job

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Successful employers know where they need to advertise their job posts in order to attract the best job candidates. You should check out these sites!

An excellent way to get the best job candidates to apply for a position at your company is to advertise online. Apart from tapping the most obvious and popular job boards, it’s worth checking out niche job boards – and social media, because that’s where the majority of skilled jobseekers go to search for a job. The 2015 Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey showed that over the next year more recruiters are aiming to improve their hiring process and increase investment in the following areas:

  • Social media (50%)
  • Employment branding (46%)
  • Employee referrals (41%)
  • Passive talent pipeline (38%)
  • Campus recruiting (27%)
  • Job boards (26%)
  • Mobile career sites (23%)
  • Outside agencies/recruiters (13%)
  • SEO (10%)

Recruiters are adjusting their hiring strategies to improve the quality of hires, to improve the pipeline and reduce the time-to-hire. But, since you are more interested in quality rather the quantity, I recommend that you post a job on one of the following job sites.

The Big Jobs Boards

Indeed – This is the most popular job board around and the world’s #1 job site. Over 180 million people visit the site every month which means you have a good chance of finding what you are looking for.  Indeed, which is also available on any mobile device, promises that you will get 2X more quality hires than any other job site.

LinkedIn – This professional network offers a range of solutions to employers. If you want to post a job on the site, LinkedIn provides a couple of products to choose from depending on what you are after. If you are always hiring, you can check out Recruiter, Job Slots, Career Pages, personalised job ads and Referrals. If you are only hiring occasionally, it’s better to go with products like Recruiter Lit and Job Posts.

Craigslist – The site gets a lot of traffic despite its simplistic design and poor visual interface and it’s still an excellent place to advertise a job for free. Craigslist is not like other traditional job boards, and you might find it difficult to navigate the site, but it offers explanatory guidelines to help you out.

The Ladders – This job board also allows employers to post jobs for free and provides all of the right tools to find the best talent. It uses a job matching algorithm that makes searches for more efficient and gives you full access to candidate profiles, salary and contact information. Not only that, but you can choose your next hire from a large pool of talent of over 6 million quality candidates.

Careerbuilder – Just like LinkedIn, CareerBuilder offers a range of products to help customise your hiring strategy. It offers effective solutions on how to attract candidates and manage the talent stream engine. It also offers recruitment analytics to check your hiring efforts and overall performance.

The Niche Job Boards


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GitHub – This site offers a very simple procedure for posting a job. As an employer, all you have to do is create and preview your listing so that you are sure this is what you want to publish live. Then you pay $450 per listing that is live for 30 days, and your job gets posted immediately.

Crunch Board – As the official job board of TechCrunch the site posts tech-related jobs that go out to over 12 million people. Employers who want to advertise jobs on the site can buy multiple listings with job packs starting from $200 for a single job, $895 for 5 jobs and $1495 for 10 jobs. The good thing is that job packs never expire, and you can use them whenever you like.

Dice – There are many tech popular companies using Dice to attract top talent including DELL, Cisco and Adobe, so why not you? The site allows you to post jobs in three ways. There is the standard post (30-day posting at $345), the premium post (60-day posting and 15 instant resumes) and the targeted campaign (60-day posting and custom branding solutions).


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Coroloft – The site offers a range of solutions to help you start building your team. A single job posting costs $275, but if you buy a pack of 10 job posts each one costs $185. If you choose Coroloft, you get your job postings online for 90 days and shared across a networking of leading design publications.

Krop – Big companies such as Apple, Netflix, Facebook, HBO, Twitter and Nike use Krop to find their top creative talent. Posting a job starts at $199 for a single post. But if you buy a pack of 20 they cost $135 each. Krop also offers exclusive access to Krop Database Search with over 100,000 resumes and portfolios for $299 per month.

Behance – With Behance you gain access to a network of more than 5 million creative jobseekers. Job postings start at $399 per month, and you can search for your perfect match from a pool of more than 8 million projects posted online. Google, PRADA and The New York Times are all using Behance to get the best candidates.

Banking and Financial

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efinancialcareers –  Job postings cost $495 each, and you get over 1.5 million finance professionals seeing your job advert. Every job post also gets published across efinancialcareer's entire partner network to increase its visibility.

job search
job search

Financial Job Bank – This site is part of Beyond and The Career Network. Financial Job Bank offers monthly and annual plans that allow you to save roughly 25 percent. Depending on your needs, you may choose a different job listing package, an entry level plan for small businesses starts at $199 per month.

Marketing and Advertising

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Talent Zoo – This site allows you to purchase a 45-day job posting for $249 and offers discounts on multiple job postings. What’s great about Talent Zoo is that they feature all job posts on their Twitter feed. This helps you to engage with job candidates who may have not even registered or applied to the job board.

FreshGigs – A single job post with FreshGigs costs $250, but if you purchase a 10 job pack the cost of each post drops to $175. Freshgigs allows you to compare it to other job boards and guarantees 100 percent satisfaction. The way you post a job is rather straightforward and simple as well.


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Health eCareers – Health eCareers claim to be the healthcare industries most trusted recruitment solution. It offers access to a network of more than a hundred association partners, and each job posted on the site gets seen by more than 1 million users every month.

Medzilla – This job site offers 30 or 60-day job postings at a cost of $495 and $545 respectively. If you choose Medzilla, you will get resumes delivered to you directly and your job post will be emailed to selected candidates whose qualifications match the job requirements. 

Remote/Flexible Work

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We Work Remotely – This job site allows you to post a job for 30 days for $200. If you are looking to recruit people to work anywhere but the office, We Work Remotely, is your best choice. The steps that you follow to post a job are quick and easy.

Upwork – Upwork is a job site that’s used by many freelancers coming from different backgrounds and industries. It allows you to post your job for free and instantly connects you with the freelancers who best fit your requirements.

Guru - Guru allows employers to post jobs for free. All you have to do is write down what kind of job you need a freelancer to do while including the job title, the category that best describes the job or any keyword that can help to customise the advert as best possible.

Freelancer – As an employer you can post a job on Freelancer in the form of a project. If you are a new user, you will have to register with the job board using your Facebook account. Then you just have to write more details on what it is that you are looking for, and you will start getting bids from freelancers within minutes.

Start-up Jobs

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AngelList – AngelList is probably the most popular job board for start-up jobs. Currently, 20,276 of the world’s best start-ups are using the site to hire talented jobseekers. AngelList allows you to post a job after you register with them either using your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

StartUpHire – StartUpHire is another great choice for start-ups hiring. On this job board you can post a job in two ways. You either choose the basic post which costs $79 or the featured post at $99. Also, you can choose the StartUpHire Premium package that costs $295 and gives you unlimited basic and discounted featured job posts on the site that are also shared on Indeed and Job Rapido.

VentureLoop – you can advertise a vacancy on the site for $99 per job for 30 days as a venture-backed company, but if your investor is one of VentureLoop clients there is no charge for posting an unlimited number of jobs. Upon registration, you get the job advert seen by over 125,000 monthly visitors online and on a weekly newsletter with over 5,000 subscribers. VentureLoop says that if you post 3 or more jobs in a month, you will also get your own company profile and startup news section.

If you are currently hiring, check these job sites and find out which one(s) can help you recruit the best talent according to your needs and available budget. Getting talented jobseekers on your team shouldn’t be difficult when you use any of these sites to help you out. Are you using any of these at the moment? Do you have anything else to recommend? Let us know in the comments section below…