Recruitment of Civil Service Employees in Taiwan

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Entry to a civil service position is achieved by successfully passing the national examination provided by the Ministry of Examination in Taiwan. The Ministry of Examination is a specialized administrative body created by the Taiwan government, and is responsible for conducting all national examinations, civil service examinations, and certification examinations for technical personnel and professionals Taiwan.


The Ministry of Examination provides two categories of examinations:

  1. The first examination category is in relation to new employees entering the civil service profession.

  2. The second category of examination relates to professional jobs within the civil service sector that have a public interest such as accountant, physician etc.

Within each category of civil service examination, there are two types of examination levels provided. The level of examination given to a prospective government employee will depend on the individual’s education level and intended job type:

  • Senior, Junior, and Elementary exams are prepared for administrative employees recruited into basic civil service positions.

  • Special examinations are used to recruitment for government agencies. This applies to positions such as diplomats and judges.

The Ministry of Examination issues the national examinations on an annual basis. Therefore, when a shortage of civil service employees arises, the relevant department must wait until the next annual examination is released to be able to recruit more personnel.

Where the annual exam is not available for a long period of time, and additional support is required in a particular civil service area, the government department responsible can seek to recruit existing government employees to their department.

It should be noted that only those individuals who have passed the civil service examinations, and thus obtained a civil service status, can be employed to work for a government department.