How to Redecorate Your Office on a Budget

Decorating your office space makes an employee or business owner feel more at home in their daily experiences at work. This article addresses some ways on how to decorate your home office while on a budget as well as decorating your office cubicle. However, one major caveat as it pertains to decorating your cubicle at work—always be certain to ascertain your company’s regulations regarding employees adding flair to their workspace. One thing you don’t want to do is to get fired because you didn’t first ask for permission to make decorative changes to your office area. Remember these four rules:

  1. Get permission first
  2. Decorate during your breaks or after hours
  3. Don’t post offensive quotes or photos
  4. Balance your decorating items and don’t overcrowd

As long as you follow those four rules, you can allow yourself to tap into your creative side and start to have fun as you begin decorating your office space. Making creative changes can improve your morale and help you to better enjoy your work day.

Tips to Decorate Your Home Office on a Budget

Tap into your creative side and go wild.

If you have a home office that you’re planning to redecorate—or a separate office space that you don’t share with others—you have more freedom to make creative changes than if you are working in a cubicle. The following are some ways to splurge creatively without breaking the bank.

  1. Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls. This is the time when you need to analyze your own personality type and find out what works best for you. For example, bright colors drive me crazy and don’t promote a peaceful setting for me. I’d have to opt for more neutral tones. However, if bright colors spark your creativity and help you work better, than go for it. Sherwin Williams has color stories for commercial settings which share what color choices people have chosen for painting walls in office settings.
  2. Pick a color scheme for your office decorations and accessories which coordinates with the paint color on the walls. Bring out pops of color on your desk by purchasing office colored accessories like—pen holders, staplers, storage boxes etc.—from Staples or Office Max.
  3. Buy some inexpensive artwork from retail stores like TJ Maxx or HomeGoods. Another option is to use some of your favorite fabric, photos or artwork and apply decoupage to artist canvas and then put it into a frame. These items can be purchased at a craft store like Michaels.
  4. Utilize secondhand items you can find at yard sales and repurpose them. For example, maybe you found an older piece of furniture and you can sand it down and stain it. If you want to change up your desk instead of buying a new one, sand it down and paint or stain it. Adding updated knobs or handles to drawers can change the look.       

Tips to Decorate Your Office Cubicle on a Budget

# 1 – Bring your own personality to your office space

Add personal photos of friends and family to your desk. Pin some photos to a specific area of your cubicle wall or hang up a corkboard for the purpose of displaying photos. Customize the desktop background of your computer monitor with a fun family photo or other scene that you enjoy. You can change the settings so that these photos rotate or keep one steady and change it every month.   

# 2 – Bring the outside world inside your office space

Do your research to ascertain what types of plants do well in indoor settings and under artificial lighting. English Ivy is a great indoor plant and does especially well in an office setting. Visit this garden guide to find out some other plants you can purchase to bring to your office space. Plants purify the air and also add a nice ambiance to the area. However, be sure that you also research the specific watering and care instructions for the plants you purchase. Also, don’t overcrowd your space with too many plants and create a jungle-like atmosphere. Remember, you’re still at work.  

# 3 – Dedicate one area for holiday decorating

Choose one section of your cubicle for an area that you utilize to decorate for the holidays or changing seasons. This can be a fun way for you to add more of your personality and flair to your office space. Anna Runyon of Classy Career Girl shares some interesting tips on how to decorate your office for the holidays.  

# 4 Some inexpensive ways to decorate your cubicle

Most office buildings still have fluorescent lighting which doesn’t create a nice ambiance. Purchase an inexpensive lamp at a retail store like Target or Walmart. Get creative and add a fun shade with beading or some other design that suits your personality. Pin up your favorite quotes or inspirational sayings which motivate you. You can find some of these quotes on decorative magnets or small frames. If you enjoy reading, bring in some of your books and display them on your desk with interesting bookends.  

Redecorating your office can be fun. If you are decorating a cubicle, always remember to abide by the four rules discussed at the beginning of this article. Think outside the box and become creative.


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