How to Rediscover Your True Career Path When Stuck in Limbo

In the world of careers, it’s no secret that many people are suffering in silence. First, we’ve got those that are in miserable jobs because it’s the only option they’ve got. Then we’ve got those in relatively well paying jobs and yet for some reason, they’re unfulfilling. Last but certainly not least, we’ve got the surging numbers of job seekers that just don’t seem to find jobs. Of all the three that I’ve mentioned above, a common dilemma is shared. These people are currently stuck in limbo since they’ve been longing for career progress to no avail. And as such, they may be opting to rediscover their true career paths because...

They’re Tired of Grappling with Constant Career Disappointments that Have Severely Bruised Their Confidence and Self-Esteem

Isn’t this a very obvious symptom? In fact, I’ll have to call it a sad reality of sorts, because we’ve got people in this dilemma that haven’t shared their story with anyone:

  • Their current career disposition is as a result of rash and misinformed career choices.
  • Now, they have to deal with their guilt on a daily basis. Reason being that their career disappointments are a constant reminder of where they took the wrong turn.

Their Hopes and Dreams Are Now Being Choked by Their Stale Career Choices

Speaking of career disposition, you’ll find that some have gone as far as forsaking their hopes and dreams:

  • Maybe they made the mistake of sharing their dreams and visions with pessimists who mocked them as mere ’Alice(s) in Wonderland’.
  • This tragedy made them conclude that reality has no grounds for zest and passion.
  • So ultimately, out of disappointment and discouragement, they opted for stale careers.
  • Are such stale careers well-paying? Of course, and they are in plenty.
  • On the flip side however, such careers have gradually crushed the zest and passion that kept them focused on their ultimate dream career.

The Illusory Doctrine of a Dysfunctional Education System is Being Discredited by the Realities on the Ground

Some unfortunately have invested so much in academic papers and yet they’ve got nothing substantial to show for all their effort and hard work:

  • Maybe we might conclude that employers seem to want skills that are far different from what the education system has to offer.
  • Or it could be that the education system itself offers courses that are either outdated, irrelevant or, in some cases, downright inapplicable.
  • Meanwhile, those who’ve pursued simple yet practical courses seem to be having the time of their lives in their careers.

They Want to Retrace Their Career Footsteps and Find Out Where They Went Wrong

Sometimes we make the mistake of going too far in the wrong direction to fully grasp the magnitude of our error. A very common case for example is those who forsook their blue collar talents for white collar career paths. We even talked earlier about those that can’t stand their unfulfilling, monotonous and repetitive tasks anymore. And the list goes on and on...

How, then, does one rediscover their true career path when stuck in limbo?

To break away from the chains of career limbo, you’ll have to...

#1 Overcome the Guilty Conscience of Constantly Seeking for Approval

Maybe I should acknowledge this as an overwhelming challenge, because we’ve fallen for it far too many times. Like when your friends and family constantly pester you with superficial career advice thinking that they know what’s best:

  • Maybe the career path that you truly want might lead to lots of disapproval.
  • In that case, it’s about time you broke away from all that derailing influence. Consider it a detox of sorts.
  • Then, once you silence the voices of disapproval, you can go for what you truly desire.
  • But as long as you entertain the guilty conscience of disapproval, you’ll comfortably waste your short life grappling with un-fulfillment. 

#2 Be Psychologically Prepared to Make Unconventional Career Moves

It won’t be easy to defy peer influence by silencing the voices of disapproval, especially if you’re the kind that cares a lot about community. Or maybe you might be the kind that gets intimidated once disapproval comes knocking:

  • Such are the kind of psychological huddles you’ll have to face on your own if you are to ever have the guts to make unconventional career moves.
  • In any case, unconventional career moves are usually unpopular, so you can’t change that.
  • But look on the bright side. You get to stand out and boast of a career adventure that few can dare pursue...

#3 Break Away From Any Institutionalized Mindset to Gain a Renewed Perspective 

In my opinion, education should go hand-in-hand with effectiveness. It should equip you to realize more career results:

  • This unfortunately isn’t the case for many people today.
  • Countless institutions have corrupted the noble cause of education and turned it into a profit minting venture.
  • So yes, there are many degrees, diplomas, master and PhD courses on offer, but to what effect?
  • Job markets are currently flooded with learned people, yet they’re crippled by institutionalized mindsets.
  • Yet, as we all know, the job market does not respect academic credentials.
  • It is for this reason that only those with a renewed perspective can see career success beyond the limits of dwindling job opportunities.

We’ve really got to understand that discernment is key here. Otherwise, how can you be sure that you’re stuck in limbo unless your career discernment is fine-tuned in the first place? As the Dalai Lama once said, "When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.”




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