How to Reduce Staff Absenteeism [Infographic]

reduce staff absenteeism infographic

New research on employee satisfaction suggests that they are happier in their jobs than the same time last year. In fact, 74 percent of employees say they are ’highly motivated’ at work which shows an increase of 10 percent in job satisfaction. However, the rising level of employee absenteeism tells another story.

According to this infographic from WD Storage, 87% of workers around the world are not ‘fully engaged’ with their job and are three times more likely to take unnecessary sick days than people who are content with their job. As such, employee absenteeism has increased in both US and UK, costing the two countries about $576 and $29 billion respectively per year. The huge tole that employee absenteeism is taking on productivity is clear, and it requires immediate action by employers to improve the situation.

Every company can contribute to reducing the costs by introducing more effective absenteeism policies and better rewards for their employees. In an attempt to increase job satisfaction, employers should also focus on improving the work environment.

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