How to Regulate Your Diet on a Tight Schedule


Ever feel like there is more ‘to-do list’ than there is day? As soon as the alarm clock goes off, you are bombarded with demands from your children, work deadlines, and endless business meetings. By the time bedtime comes around, eating healthy and working out have been the last thing on your mind.

It can be a challenge to balance all of the day’s tasks while staying healthy. However, with a little bit of planning and determination, you can fit healthy habits into your day.

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1. Schedule Your Workouts

Many top fitness instructors say that they attribute their fitness success to scheduling their workouts. When your calendar is jam-packed, you need to be intentional about your exercise. Find some free spots in your calendar and pencil your gym time in. Once it is in the calendar, it is non-negotiable.

2. Work Out First Thing in the Morning

It can be tempting to hit your snooze button when your alarm goes off in the morning. A much better way to start your morning is to work out an hour before you usually wake up. It is hard to get yourself out of bed for the first few weeks, but once early morning workouts become a habit, you will be amazed at how much more energy and creativity you have throughout the day.

The problem with waiting until you get home from work to exercise is that you are usually too exhausted to do anything. Getting your workout in early helps you get it done and over with, and you don’t have to think about it again until the next day.

3. Get Help from Technology

Tracking your calories can be a great way to lose weight because you get a better idea of how much you are eating. However, actually writing down everything you eat can be a big burden when you already have so much on your to-do list. Find an app that simplifies the process and takes the guess work out of it.

Also, use a fitness tracker to help you keep track of your steps, calories burned, and more.

4. Meal Prep on the Weekends

When you are constantly on the go, you are more likely to stop by the fast food joint for a quick meal. This habit costs money and does not advance your weight loss goals. Instead, spend the weekends meal prepping. You can easily make all of your meals for the week in just a few hours. Also, keep healthy nuts and tuna packets in your desk for emergencies.

5. Transform Social Time

Feel like you have to pick between being healthy and having a social life? Think again. Instead of meeting your friends at the bar after work, meet at the gym or park. Catch up over a workout rather than a beer. You both will save money and burn calories.

You can also try to transform how your business does meetings. Instead of everyone collaborating over lunch, why not share ideas while on a walk?

Don’t let your busy schedule be an excuse for being unhealthy. Even though you may feel overwhelmed with your job, being healthy will only benefit you. When you eat healthy and work out, you have more energy and a better mood to face all of your daily tasks.