How to Reinvent Yourself as an Entrepreneur


Whether you grew up always believing that you would run your very own company one day, or you simply want to be as successful as you can be in your line of interest/expertise, the common denominator to achieving these goals is to adopt an entrepreneurial mind set. Some say you are born with this, others say it can be learned through constant attention to how you act and react to changes in your environment. Having an entrepreneurial mind set, though, gives you so much more freedom in life. You have the ability and option to go from being a 9-5, Monday – Friday employee, to that of a high flying, independent CEO of your own business.

If you are unhappy with your current situation, it is not too late. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your current qualifications are, there are means to get around any problem to achieve your goal, provided you keep the ‘entrepreneurial mind set’.

What is an entrepreneurial mind set?

According to a definition by the Financial Times, an entrepreneurial mind set refers to “a specific state of mind which orientates human conduct towards entrepreneurial activities and outcomes.” With this in mind, it is true to say that people who adopt an entrepreneurial mind set tend to me more open to new opportunities. This immediately opens doors for them when it comes to establishing themselves as entrepreneurs.

Steps to reinventing yourself as an entrepreneur

#1 Consider where you want your path to take you…

The first step in reinventing your current self as an entrepreneur requires you to determine exactly where you want your path to take you. You cannot simply go into entrepreneurship just because you want to be your own boss; you need to establish early on exactly what you want to be the boss of. What hobbies are you interested in? What is your passion? Have you created a new product? Do you have a new idea that the market needs? Consider all these options and write down everything that you are passionate about, and then once you have evaluated the pros and cons of each venture, you can see where your path should lead you.

#2 Determine your personality and what motivates you the most…

Although you may be passionate about a particular idea, product or service, will it keep you motivated to get up every morning and work long hours for little in return in the beginning of your entrepreneurial venture? What’s more, do you have the personality and characteristics to keep going when times get hard or when things don’t go exactly to plan? To reinvent yourself as an entrepreneur, you need to ensure you have the stamina and strength in your personality to do it.

There are tests available online (many of which are free) that can help you to determine your personality type, strengths and weaknesses. You can also take tests to find out where your motivations lie. However, it is important to do a self-evaluation and ask your closest friends, family, and work colleagues about your personality type – you may get some interesting feedback!

#3 Think ’success’

Once you have found your strengths, your passion, and the path you want to go down, before all else, you need to believe you are a success. That’s right; believe you have already succeeded as an entrepreneur! The law of attraction tells us that you need to believe what you want is already yours, and the universe will give this to you. This mind set is vital to your overall success and continued motivation to achieve your goals as a budding entrepreneur.

#4 Change your demeanor when networking

We know that you need to research the market, consider financing options for your business, and draw up a very detailed business plan in order for the technicalities of becoming an entrepreneur to go smoothly, but this article is focused on the other side of becoming an entrepreneur. You may be an employee at a large firm, a sales person, or someone who is used to networking on behalf of your employer, but with the steps of reinventing yourself as ‘your own boss’ you need to network in a different manner. You are no longer trying to secure a deal to make your employer even richer; you are trying to secure a deal to ensure your livelihood.

Your networking strategy must be clearly thought out beforehand. Change your strategy depending on which crowd you are networking with, play to their weaknesses while showcasing your strengths, and always remember to speak positively and assertively on your own skills, determination to succeed and your business venture. If you don’t believe in yourself, you cannot expect others to.

Have you ever considered becoming an entrepreneur but the fear of failure is holding you back? This is common, and it is by no means something to be ashamed of. Becoming an entrepreneur is not just about having a good business idea, you essentially have to alter your way of thinking and how you react to changing circumstances to ultimately ensure success.