How to Reinvent Yourself When Pursuing an Odd Career Path

It’s rather unfortunate that a resounding majority of campus students today still pursue impressive degrees despite the fact that these academic credentials have already flooded job markets. Talk of a degree in Law, Commerce, Economics or even Civil Engineering. These are the kind of courses most of us were compelled by our guardians to pursue because they came with great titles and lucrative job opportunities. And so this became everybody’s secret which led to many unemployed graduates in job markets worldwide. However, some careerists in this predicament have opted to pursue odd career paths to keep things going.

What’s an Odd Career Path?
An odd career path is basically a situation in which someone pursues a preoccupation that’s significantly foreign to their initial basic academic qualifications. For instance, a lawyer employed as a public relations assistant or even an engineer employed as a bank teller are good examples of people pursuing odd career paths.

Why should I reinvent myself when pursuing an Odd Career Path?
While some are stuck in odd jobs to keep things going, others have actually discovered their true calling in their odd career paths and have actually decided to settle in them. This must be as a result of positive situations that have encouraged them to keep going. If that’s the case, then it’s possible that the Career Path:

  • Is more rewarding and fulfilling than the initial path since their skills are being put in good use.
  • Is exposing them to people and opportunities much better than their former career paths.
  • Is embracing their true personality thus giving them the much needed happiness and peace of mind.
  • Will make them indispensable for the long haul unlike their initial flooded career path.
  • Has numerous untapped market gaps and niches that they plan on exploiting in future through individual start-up ventures.

How then do I reinvent myself when pursuing an Odd Career Path?
When we reinvent ourselves, we’re basically giving ourselves a new career identity that’s relevant to our odd path. It therefore then means that for us to excel in odd career paths, we’ve got to reinvent ourselves by:

#1 Learning from the Best to Be the Best

To save yourself the trouble of gaining years of experience to prosper in an odd career path, you’ve got to form close ties with key industry players. You’ve got to sacrifice some time to listen to their crucial advice and if possible, observe how they carry out their workplace affairs by working for them as an intern. That way, you’ll not only gain meaningful insight, but you’ll also boost your prowess in your odd career path by doing how it’s done best.

#2 Pursuing ONLY relevant short-term vocational courses

Gone are the days when you had all the time in the world to pursue a degree. You’ve got to get rid of the formal mentality regarding unnecessary academic credentials. Remember, you’re not trying to gain recognition here. On the contrary, you’re trying to be as effective as possible in your odd career path. You’ve therefore got be skill oriented and straight to the point when choosing a relevant vocational course to pursue because time and money is of the essence. For instance, I really admire saloonists because they usually study for 3 months and are always in high demand because their courses are strictly skill oriented. Unfortunately, many courses today are filled with irrelevant jargon instead of responding to ever-changing demands of the job market.

#3 Being Innovative trend setters to get Recognised, Respected and Appreciated

Doing things by the book will only keep you stagnated in the mediocrity of doing odd jobs just to make ends meet. However, to witness progressive career transformation on your part, you’ve got to be willing to go the extra mile and do things differently. After you’ve thoroughly studied your market and discovered untapped gaps, you can then go ahead and incorporate new products and services that will shift the playing field to a whole new level. In doing so, you’ll get recognised, respected and appreciated as you join the inner circle of big league players.

For some of us, the pursuit of perfection in our current career path has been a stressful, restless and unfulfilling one to say the least. In fact, many dream of reinventing themselves by turning their hobbies into full time careers. In the end, what counts is that it’s your life. You may disappoint some overly formal acquaintances here and there when pursuing an odd career path. But when it comes to excellence in life, there are no set rules. Because unlike perfection, excellence gives us the freedom to use our imperfections as guiding tenets to reinvent ourselves even when pursuing odd career paths.

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