How to Relax When You Have No Time to Relax

If your life is so busy and you have no time to relax, it is important to figure out how to schedule some time to decompress each day. Working a full-time job, handling personal and family responsibilities and having to work a part-time job can eat up all your time each day. However, if you don’t find the time to relax, you will increase your chances of burning out and then not being able to work to your optimal potential each day. This article will share some tips on how you can relax when you have no time.

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1. Take a Power Nap

If you can find some time to fit a power nap into your daily routine, you will be able to increase your mental functioning, improve your mood and be more alert. Of course, taking this 20 – 30 minute nap won’t make up for having inadequate nighttime sleep. However, it can give you that burst of energy you need to keep going and feel more relaxed and revived to complete your day. According to the Sleep Foundation you’re in good company if you take power naps. JFK, Ronald Reagan, Napoleon, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and Thomas Edison were all afternoon nappers. Some workplaces offer nap rooms for employees. However, if your office doesn’t, consider taking a power nap in your own office, going home for a nap (if you live close) or napping in your car.

2. Disconnect at Night

Before you go to sleep at night, unplug from all online contact and turn electronic devices off at least 20 – 30 minutes prior to sleeping. Being stimulated by responding to or sending emails or watching TV before bed can hinder proper sleep functions as the “electrical activity increases and neurons start to race.” That is exactly what does not need to happen prior to getting a good night’s sleep. Disconnecting at night, also involves not bringing your work home with you. It is important to have even 30 minutes of “me time” at the end of the day to help you to relax and decompress from the stressors of the day.

3. Think Like a Child

Another thing that you can do to help yourself relax when you have no time is to think like a child throughout the day. Of course, this does not mean that you should act immaturely. However, it is important to connect to your inner child and find the humor in situations each day and look for ways to play and have fun. This step needs to be done in balance since you want to stay focused and work to your optimal ability. You can hang out with coworkers during your break time and reminisce or tell a joke or funny story. Park at the other end of the parking lot and use the extra time to throw caution to the wind and skip along. Remember, think like a child and don’t care what anyone else thinks. Reconnecting with your inner child will help you to relax during the day. Have a look at this interesting article in Psych Central that discusses the “importance of play for adults.”

4. Refocus Your Mind

circumstances to negatively affect our perspective. If we can simply reboot our mind and focus on a positive perspective, we will go a long way toward relieving our tension and relaxing our bodies. You can utilize meditation techniques to “cultivate awareness and find peace in your present moment.” Even if you do not have a spare 30 minutes to focus specifically on meditation, you can make an effort to be aware of your mind, body and circumstances so that you can refocus your mind. Your mind goes with you everywhere, so in order to be mindful, you have to refocus your perspective at any given moment in the day to help you relax.

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Taking the time to relax is very important for a healthy and productive day at work. Even though there are days that you feel you cannot breathe, taking a few minutes from your daily routine to relax, will make you feel more energized. What steps do you take each day to help you relax even if your schedule is extremely busy? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.




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