How to Repair Your Damaged Reputation at Work

You have an impeccable resume, you killed it during your interview, now you have landed your dream job. Seems like the most difficult part of the journey is over, right? Not so fast, just like any micro society, every individual in the workplace has a specific role, personality, and agenda which can often lead to conflict. If you find that your reputation may be in jeopardy, here are tips to mastering the art of reputation damage control...

Mend Fences

Personalities within the workplace are bound to clash. Working closely everyday with your colleagues can solidify relationships, but spending 40 hours + a week together can also fuel office drama and conflicts. Just like in personal relationships, work relationships require maintaining a delicate balance in order to flourish. If you feel you may have offended a coworker or have done someone wrong, now is the time to make amends. Sometimes a simple apology is all that is needed. If you aren’t sure why a coworker may be angry or upset with you, ask. Getting the conflict out in the open provides an opportunity for resolution.

Set Your Clock

Getting to work on time is great, getting there early is much better. To help show coworkers and management you mean business, get to work early and be ready to get started as soon as you clock in. This extra time at your desk can help you relax and get your head together before the 8 o’clock bell. Grab a coffee, do some stretching, meditate - do whatever it takes to get yourself in the zone.

Prioritize on Paper

Being the ambitious worker bee that you are, you probably have a list of goals you wish to accomplish within the next few months or even years. To help you rebuild your rep, you should set more immediate goals. For instance, speak with your coworkers and upper management to find out what projects may be coming up, what time frames they would like to have for certain tasks, and how you can improve your performance. These goals are relatively easy to attain and will improve your rep in no time. 

Get it Done

If you make a promise to have a project finished within a certain time period, get it done. In fact, get it done early. This will show management and your team that you are driven, focused, and dedicated to following through on your commitments.

Get Control of Mr. Hyde

We all have Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde moments, but when your reputation is at stake, you need to keep your emotions in check at work. There are a few ways to keep the beast at bay, one is to stay positive. No matter what type of problems you are confronted with at work, stay focused on what’s going well. Also, when you feel threatened or angry with a coworker, excuse yourself, take a few breaths, and return with a smile on your face. This can help cut out the drama of the situation and help you and your coworker start mending the fence.

Wear Slacks, Don’t Be One

Slacking on the job while your reputation is in decline is a bad idea. Staying productive at all times is a top priority; master the art of keeping busy. This will show your coworkers and upper management that you are dedicated to the company and care about your position.

Having a perfect reputation in any situation especially an office can be a huge challenge, perhaps impossible. However, if you follow the steps above you can make the task that much easier.


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