Resume Rules You Should Know About

A well written resume, along with your cover letter, forms an essential part of your job application. Without the presence of a strong and memorable resume, job seekers have the disadvantage of not making an impression on the recruiter. There are some rules that all individuals should follow in order to write a riveting resume to land their dream job.

Professional Presentation

The first thing a recruiter will notice about your resume is the presentation. Make sure your resume follows a professional structure, incorporating important aspects such as: career objective, educational background, experience, skills and language. The contact details should be clearly listed, along with social media links.  

Uniform Format

Many job seekers make the mistake of using different colors and fonts in their resume. It is advised to steer clear from outrageous formatting as it distracts the attention from the information contained in your resume. If you want, choose a two-tone resume style to separate headers and the text; however 2 colors is the maximum you should go!

Make Use of Keywords

Recruiters spend a reported 20 seconds skimming a resume before they determine whether or not it is worth pursuing. Try to make your introduction as compelling as possible, and ensure that you use keywords from the job description as well as from the industry. For example: for a marketing job, important keywords to use would include PR, research and online marketing.

Refrain from Lying

While it can be very tempting to lie on your resume, there is one simple rule to follow: just don’t do it! Lying about experience, skills or qualification can be misleading for the recruiter as they will base their hiring decision on your capabilities. Make sure you can validate all experience and actually have the skills you list on your resume.

Don’t Forget to Proofread

One of the most overlooked and common mistakes are proofreading your resume. After you have completed your resume, it is advised to give it to a family member or a friend to read. This will help pick up any poor grammar or spelling mistakes that can have a detrimental effect on your overall job application.