How to Retrofit Your Resume to Land an Administrative Job

In these tough times when the outlook for certain jobs is gloomy, switching to an administrative career might be a viable option. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that administrative assistants and secretaries will experience a job growth of 12 percent between 2012 and 2022. This means that your employment aspects will be high, should you choose to shift your focus to these administrative careers. Of great importance is to polish your résumé and tailor it to suit the administrative job you are eyeing.

Understand all about administrative careers

What does it take to be in the administrative industry? This is the first question to ask yourself once you decide to take this career path. Gone are the days when the duties of administrative staff members were confined to tasks such as typing, filing or maintaining the boss’s schedule. Nowadays, they have become an integral part of most companies as is evidenced by the fact that most companies entrust them with additional responsibilities. Evaluate yourself to see whether your skills and qualifications will enable you to handle the responsibilities of an administrative career.

Understand the desired job

Researching on your desired administrative job will enable you to understand what you would need to land the position. Past newspaper job adverts similar to your targeted career are a good source of information because they highlight the skills, qualifications or requirements. This gives you a hint on some of the skills to list on your résumé in line with the administrative career. Online job listings can also be a rich ground of information on the job. Here, you can harness various keywords to insert in your résumé.

Pick transferable skills

Research also allows you to identify the skills you possess, which could be of help in executing your duties in the new career. One way of doing this is to note on your résumé that you have a well-rounded knowledge of computer programs such as MS Outlook, Excel or Photoshop. These skills could come in handy when developing literature for the organization. Any other skill acquired outside the workplace should also be listed on your résumé, including knowledge of coding, social networking, or bookkeeping software.

Select the right format

The retrofitting exercise hits top gear with the selection of your résumé format. At your disposal are three résumé formats, including combination structure, functional, as well as a chronological résumé. Each of these options has its benefits and drawbacks which you must carefully weigh when selecting your desired format. A functional résumé might seem a perfect fit because it highlights your skills, but overusing it could backfire. The combination structure is effective because it enables you to highlight the skills related to administrative jobs while highlighting any administrative-related work handled in the past.

Highlight administration skills upfront

When the hiring manager starts to read your résumé, it should instantly pique his interest by alerting him to your abilities for the concerned administrative job. You can do this by summarizing any administrative-related skills at the beginning of your résumé. Including any transferable skills in this summary section would also be a good idea. These include those skills that might have been unnecessary in your previous profession but are now relevant to your targeted job.

Some of the most crucial skills to list on an administrative-related résumé include initiative, communication, multilingual abilities, and technical skills. Equally important to display on your résumé are logical thinking and teamwork skills. Joining the International Association of Administrative Professionals will help beef up your résumé by facilitating lifelong connections with other professionals in the industry.




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