Ride in With Gravity

Being a movie buff, it becomes difficult to contain the thought process when in awe of a cinematic brilliance. Therefore, when Sandra Bullock finally plunged into a lake after ninety-three minutes of awe inspiring tryst with the space, it was indeed time to ride in with Gravity and take back some creative learning from it. Although, this 3D space drama is a work of pure fiction, there is no denying the fact that there is a lot to learn from it and one can find some very useful application in their journey towards success.

The Path to Gory is Always Filled With Orbiting Debris

With no gravity in space, the movie showcases how space-debris, set in motion, keeps orbiting around the earth and destroying every element in its path. Bullock’s character in the movie, Dr. Ryan Stone, finds herself in space distress much to the credit of this debris. And, she is beaten down to the verge of possible annihilation every ninety minutes from the same debris orbiting its way back to her location.

Every path that one chooses to take in their career is bound to find hurdles like slowdown, recession, closures, lay-offs etc. And like the orbiting debris, such hurdles will manage to find its way back time and again. It is up to each individual to keep focus on their target and not lose faith in themselves. It is important to take such hiccups in the stride and keep riding on.

To err in Panic is Human, Stay Calm

Human beings are hardwired to panic in situations which are out of ordinary and are feared to create a catastrophic effect in the near and far future. Dr. Stone also found an ordinary day in space, turning into an extra-ordinary tryst with life and death in a matter of minutes. She panicked and there is no shame in accepting that, however, anyone who is able to quickly regain composure and calm is the one who will eventually find balance, which she did.

Accompanying astronaut Matt Kowalski, played by George Clooney keeps talking to her and helps her to find control of herself. And it is only after Dr. Stone calms down, is she able to make the most rational decisions. Therefore, irrespective of whether a person’s character is similar to Dr. Stone, who keeps panicking at every accompanying bump in her struggle for survival or like that of Kowalski, who seems to be in control at all times, the need to stay calm is a universal need for success.

Remember, panicking is natural and errors are a natural outcome of that mental state. However, one needs to quickly take control of the situation with a calm and composed mindset.

Bring Sanity Back Into any Situation

Matt Kowalski, being commanding officer played the role of someone in command with aplomb. Being the leader of the group, he not only stayed in total control of himself, but also ensured that the surviving member of his team, Dr. Stone, also found rationality in her thought process. His perseverance and controlled pep talk to Dr. Stone helped them move ahead in the turbulent times as a team.

Therefore, when working in a team, being in control is not the only sign of a good leader/mentor. He or she should also ensure that the rest of the team is also able to approach any situation rationally to ensure mutual success.

Nothing Learned Ever Goes to Trash

The final lesson that would be discussed is the need to pay attention to everything that you learn during a classroom session, training or even in a meeting. Dr. Stone had almost given up on her chances of survival when she remembered her training on landing her space module. This method, although, was supposed to help her during landing, she was able to improvise and used it to propel her module again in space to reach the nearest station.

 It is, thus, important that in every situation, one needs to simply fall back on their experience to find a possible solution. It is also important that one never stop learning at any point of their career and always work towards getting their fundamentals in place for future.

Sandra Bullock may have won many awards for her movie, however she did leave anecdotes for the rest of the world to find and follow in their career progression. The question is whether it will be ignored or followed?

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