Royal Malaysian Police

Royal Malaysian Police firdauslatif.

The law enforcement and civilian policing governmental agency in Malaysia is known as the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP). It is a national agency with an estimated 102,000 employees working in 1000 police stations across the country. The motto of the RMP is “Firm, Fair and Prudent”. Bukit Aman, Kuala Lampur is the location of the main head quarters for the RMP. The Royal Malaysian Police closely coordinates with the Indonesian National Police, Royal Brunei Police Force, Royal Thai Police Force and the Singapore Police Force. The Inspector General of Police (IGP) is the head of the RMP.


To work for the Royal Military Police, individuals must complete the online application form through the government website. The following are the basic requirements to be a successful applicant:

  • Aged between 18 and 28 years old

  • Holder of a PMR, SPM, STPM, Diploma, Bachelors or Masters


Individuals who wish to work for the Royal Military Police can enter the service at three different levels:

  1. Constable

  2. Constable Sergeant

  3. Inspector

Selected candidates are required to take a course for a period of 3-12 months. This includes a number of training sessions and education, including the following:

  • Study of law

  • Police science

  • Marching

  • Weapons

  • Physical exercise e.g. martial arts

In addition to this, the individual will also be expected to go through practical training in police districts for a period of 9 months. After completion of the training, the candidate will have to be on probation for 3 years before their post is confirmed permanently.


There are a number of opportunities for career advancement and progress within the various police departments.