How to Run a Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are among the busiest points of any city. People come here for a warm hangout in winter nights. If you’re about to complete your graduation and planning to start a business, a coffee shop is a perfect option. Competition among the fast-food chains and cafes is fierce, so you need to show full dedication for the business.

It won’t be much difficult to run a coffee shop, but you certainly have to provide the customers with great taste and quality services.

Here are some easy-to-remember tips:

1. Get Training

Any kind of training that can qualify you to run the coffee shop is needed. You should obtain a diploma or certificate in hospitality or culinary arts. The following institutions provide workshops and vocational training programs for chefs and small business start-up. You can join any of them to become a potential businessman.


2. Be Prepared to Dominate

In this scenario when making a distinctive place is very tough, you’ll have to work a lot to dominate. Visit other cafes and see how they operate. Gather information about their hottest deals and create your work plan. The major thing is to boost the sales of your café in the diverse culture of the city.

Another must remember thing is to design the interiors of your café uniquely, so that the clients don’t call you copycat. Also, the name of your shop shouldn’t match any famous brand. You can get ideas and inspirations from famous brands in this industry, but cannot copy their menu or shop design. Try your best to optimise the atmosphere of your café in a customer-friendly way.

3. Manage Your Staff

Managing a group of workers is one of the toughest things in the world. If you want to see evidences of success of your coffee shop, manage your staff wisely. From the security guard to chef, every person should be capable and experienced in his field. Hiring should be based upon qualifications and experience. You should assign specific duties to every individual and forbade communication during the working hours.

4. Facilities for Customers

Provide modern facilties to the customers such as a free Wi-Fi, access to computer, comfortable seats, indoor music and lavish wall-paints. This all will attract the eyes of the customers. Be assured to not miss any of these facilities if you really want to earn huge profits with little investment.

Try to develop policies and initiatives of your café with respect to future outcomes. If your investment is limited, then you can opt for a bank loan, otherwise get a shop on rent within your budget and renovate it accordingly.

Your menu should have variety. Initially you can add the following things in the menu:

post vacancies
post vacancies
  • Black Coffee
  • Milk Coffee
  • Green Tea
  • Club Sandwich
  • Chicken Sandwich
  • Chicken Burger
  • Cold Drinks
  • French Fries
  • Beef Burger
  • Russian Salad or Fresh Salad (optional)

5.  Open Late Night

Keep your café open late night as many youngsters visit such points during night hours. You can settle your working time in the following way;

Working Days: Monday to Saturday

Working Hours: 10am to 3 pm, and 7am to 3am

This is an ideal work plan to follow. You can keep the shop open on Sundays as well to captivate the attention of maximum clients.

6. Obtain Permits, Approvals and Licenses

Restaurant and café owners should meet local laws and regulations. The license requirements and permits vary from nation to nation; most common are a food service license, and local business license. You also need to obtain permit of equipment and building, safety inspection, hygiene approval, and a liquor license before starting the café.

7. Advertisement

Advertise your brand through internet and television. You can use social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to let the world know about your existence. Moreover, opt the ad banners option and show it off via different cooking websites.

Best of luck for your start-up business, and share these tips with others graduates as well.


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