How to Sabotage your Career Success

Are you making limited progress with your career? Desperate for a career change but feel as if you are stuck in a rut? Do you feel as if there is something you are doing wrong? Review the list of things that you really shouldn’t be doing in the workplace if you want to succeed.

Bad grammar

Poor grammar, spelling mistakes and lack of capitals where they are needed indicate that you are apathetic towards what you do. Good grammar shows that you have taken the time to get your message across in a credible and comprehensible way.

Blasé attitude

Are a bit haphazard towards your workload? Do you fail to commit on a project when you initially promised that you would? If so, you are definitely on the right track to sabotaging your success. Why are you going to be given a promotion if you are unreliable? Do you think that your employer would trust you with an important project? Probably not!

Talking nonsense

Do you bad-mouth your old employer or company? Do you openly discuss all the wrongdoings of the previous companies that you are worked for? If so, put a stop to it, before it’s too late. Bad mouthing anyone or any company that you have worked for tells your

Never taking the blame

People who fail to take the blame at work simply cannot be trusted with additional responsibilities. This is because, every time a mistake happens, the blame is passed from one individual to the next, rather than somebody accepting that they made a mistake and can only learn from it.

Complicating things

Don’t complicate things; just do the job and get it done properly. Life doesn’t have to be complicated but oftentimes we complicate things unnecessarily. Whether by making a drama because you weren’t chosen to head a project, or getting angry at someone unnecessarily, avoid over-dramatising situations as people will quickly become reluctant to approach you for help.

As you can see it's pretty easy to sabotage your career success. But it is also pretty easy to avoid making these mistakes. So just take care and your career should stay on track.




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