How to Safeguard your Business when Running the New iOS 8

Apple seems to be starting a new era of business with the introduction of its Apple Pay, Apple Watch, the feature-packed Apple iPhone 6 and the new iOS 8. Indeed, it’s party time for Apple fans and an innovative period for businessmen.

As any new innovation would have it, the new iOS 8 is not without its share of security threats. And security is the soul of any business. So if you are into business and would like to upgrade to the new iOS 8, then these are the first seven settings you must check or change (if required).

1)      Limiting your applications from detecting your location in the background


Some applications tend to use your location in the background even when they are not in use. Frequent popups and notifications is a clear indication that your location is being tracked.

Select “Don’t allow” every time you see a notification that says “Allow ‘Apple Store’ to access your location even when you are not using the app”. This may happen every time you install a new app. Another option is to change the setting in the device’s master settings. Remember, if you change the master settings, it will never detect your location even with applications that have to.

2)      Stop applications from uploading or accessing your data


All your contacts, calendar records, emails and photos must be considered as your personal data. You can change the settings to indicate whether or not your application can access these data. For example, Twitter notifies you when a friend of yours (who is already in your phone contact) joins the platform.

When apps share your contacts to its servers, it can invade your privacy and there are chances of data being stolen. To avoid such mishaps, go to Settings and tap on Privacy. Now select each app and swipe it on or off, depending on which third party apps you want to give access to.

3)      Activate the “Find My iPhone” option


The option is very handy when your device is lost or stolen. Go to Settings, select iCloud, then Find my iPhone/iPad and switch it on. The device may ask for a passcode for authorization.

There is yet another fantastic feature – ‘Send Last Location’. When your device’s battery life is less than 1%, the device sends its location details to Apple servers, moments before it dies down.

4)      Enable voice, video and iMessages to expire with time

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The new iOS 8 offers video and voice messages transferred through Apple’s iMessage network. These messages can be stored in your Apple device. But if your device is lost or stolen, it is possible for anybody to access them. In any case, it is a good practice to have a backup of your data.

In order to decrease the time in which iMessage contents are stored in your phone, head to Settings- Messages- Keep messages and enter the time you want to retain the messages.

5)      Arrest location sharing with others

Location sharing is an extremely useful feature when you are in a busy place, crowded venue or any town or city. At times when you want to switch off this service for security, privacy or business purpose, then go to Settings-Privacy- Location Services-Share My Location and disable it.

6)      Reduce location or data tracking by advertisers

Safari offers many tweaks related to its privacy in its new iOS 8. One of the crucial tweaks is related to advertising that may track and monitor your location.

To stay away, you can go to Settings-Privacy-Advertising-Limit Ad Tracking option and enable it. Select the option Reset Advertising Identifier and accept the prompts that come up.

7)      Prevent location-based tracking

Some of the services offered in iOS 8 detect your location for area-based alerts, advertising, and for offering better mobile coverage. These services can drain your battery life quickly. More importantly, they can reveal your location even if you switch off third party services and apps.

To change these settings, select Settings-Privacy-Location Services-System Services and choose the services you like to disable.

Too many details to follow, isn’t it? But that’s how secured you need to be in the business world today. Sometimes, your security can make or break your business. So start acting now and protect your hard-earned money, properties and business.


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