Samsung Galaxy S5’s Best Business Features

Samsung unpacked its highly anticipated new smartphone, the Galaxy S5. The new flagship gadget comes with more unique functions and productivity-boosting features that are particularly handy for business consumers. Overall, it boasts a bigger screen, longer battery life, and a more durable build. Its competitive edge as an Android smartphone lies in its exceptional features such as the fingerprint scanner for added security and the built-in heart-rate monitor.

Wonder what features make the new Samsung Galaxy S5 one-of-a-kind business phone? Here are a few hints to consider…

Advanced Sensors

The new smartphone includes a fingerprint sensor, which enables users to easily unlock the device without the need for cumbersome password screens. This additional security element is ideal for business users who often access private business or client data on their mobile device. On top of this, you can switch to Private Mode by using the scanner, to store your most confidential documents and emails.

Bigger, Better Display

The S5’s big display at 5.2 inches makes web browsing and other basic tasks more comfortable. Business users can benefit from its pocketable size and an amazingly practical display which is handy for messaging as well as viewing and editing documents on the go. Like other Galaxy models, Galaxy S5 supports the Multi Window feature, which makes multitasking easier.

Efficient Hardware

The new gadget packs a speedy Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB of RAM, which translates to super fast performance. Another highlight of the new gadget is the LTE/Wi-Fi aggregation technology, which enables users to download the same file using both networks, resulting in faster downloads. This is really cool for business users who need to view large files stored in the cloud.

Among the top hardware elements, include up to 32GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot for extra storage and high-capacity removable battery.

Durable Design

The S5’s new durable design is a boon for business users. The device is water resistant, which means that the phone can be dunked in shallow water and remain functional. Besides this, it is dust-resistant and its new soft-touch back makes it easier to grip and prevents potential damages and drops. This set of features makes new Samsung S5 a more dependable phone.

Advanced Camera Software

The camera software of Galaxy S5 is perhaps its major selling point. Its powerful camera app boasts special High Dynamic Range (HDR) functionality that allows users to adjust a photo based on the amount of light available.  It also includes selective focus, a special blur effect common on DSLRs which allows users to determine which objects on the image should be in focus. Not to mention that Samsung Galaxy S5 packs 16 megapixel camera, perhaps the best of its kind in today’s mobile phone industry.

Finally, watch this video to get an exclusive insight of people’s impressions who had the opportunity to see and test first the new Samsung device. So, to what extent does the new Samsung S5 match your business needs? Please have a say…