Samsung’s the Mobile Worlds Bitch

Samsung’s a manufacturer of premium quality electronics. Their product roster includes everything from attractive mobile devices to commercial ships. Its headquarters are located in the South Korean city of Samsung Town. Yup, it’s such a big powerful company that it has a city named after it. It also happens to be the mobile world’s bitch. Oh, disgraceful! You might say in indignation, but hear me out.

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Samsung has been Apple’s Booty Call for a Few Years Now

In a love affair that even the most lacking in self-esteem would swoon at, Apple has been giving it to Samsung for the past few years. It all began in the Spring (how appropriate) of 2011 when Apple sued Samsung for copy-write infringement. Their torrid love affair has crossed international borders, with visits to courts in S. Korea, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, England and finally settled in the U.S.

It’s not Just Apple that’s Been Tapping That

In 1995, Samsung acquired German camera maker Rollei. They used the company’s knowledge of optical quality crystal to create a genuinely Swiss made clock. Unfortunately this excited Rolex whose name wasn’t very different from Rollei and feared that it would hurt their market. Thus, Samsung was taken to court and disallowed from selling Rollei in all of Germany. Samsung just smiled and took it.

Now Nvidias like: “Why not”

Nvidia makes chipsets for graphics and processors, and had sued Samsung for copy-write infringement much like Apple. The funny thing is, Nvidia doesn’t know if Samsung’s at fault of it is the processor’s manufacturer Qualcomm. So it’s just suing them both, just in case.

Microsoft is Another one of Samsung’s Suitors

Yet another company to get in line to do the nasty to Samsung has been Microsoft. They had an agreement with Samsung to be paid a certain amount for Microsoft’s propriety tech that was being used. Samsung didn’t pay and yet again is in danger of being bent over the court balustrade.

Are you familiar with any other of Samsung’s issue that made it the mobile industries bitch? Let us know in the comment section below.

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