How to Save Your Job if You’re About to Get Fired

Your colleagues are not talking to you and they are given special projects before you. Your manager is avoiding you. They hired someone new to take over some of your job responsibilities. What is going on?

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Even though these scenarios don’t necessarily mean anything bad on their own, if you put them all together they could be a sign that your job is at risk. Even when you have reason to believe your job is at stake, try not to get paranoid about it; this is not going to help.

If you suspect your job might be in danger but your supervisor hasn’t talked to you yet, then there’s still a chance to change everything. Here are a few tips so you can use to save your job if you are about to get fired.

1. Assess the Signs

Before stressing out, just take a moment to think about it; are you really at risk, or is this a false alarm? Here are few examples of some actual red flags:

  • Micromanagement: Your manager wants you to attend more frequent meetings with them to discuss your progress and projects.
  • Circumvention: They give your job duties to someone else, without hinting at a promotion.
  • Lack of communication: You constantly feel like you are out of the loop.

2. Have an Open Conversation with Your Manager

If some of the warning signs above are true, then it might be time to have a frank conversation with your boss. Especially if your supervisor has been ignoring you lately and you feel like this lack of communication is one of the primary reasons you are concerned about your job.

Maybe there’s nothing to worry about, and your boss has been out of touch lately because he has something going on at home. The best thing you can do is straight-out ask them; there’s nothing wrong with that.

But, if you do receive clear information that there’s a problem, then you’ll need to approach your manager about your next steps.

3. Take an Active Role

Now that you know your job is not secure, don’t wait for your boss to give you an ultimatum about the status of your job. Do your best to prove that you are serious about keeping your job and you want to improve your performance at the company. Ask them if there’s anything you can do to contribute to the company’s goals. Don’t just sit there and wait; have a more proactive stance - ask for feedback, ask for coaching.

4. Go Above and Beyond

It’s no longer enough just to do what you are being asked to do; you must go the extra mile to prove that you are willing to do what it takes to keep your job and improve your performance. The best way to do this is by finding out what your company is currently doing to grow and determine what is needed to achieve this growth - do you have the skills to help them reach their goals?

5. Make Lifelong Changes

I know, being told that you are not as good as they thought you were can be a pretty big blow to your confidence at work. But, don’t let this ruin your professional life. Use this to your advantage. Remember, they hired you because of your skills, experience and knowledge; those things are still there, and it’s up to you to improve them and set yourself up for success.

It could be that you need to make some changes to your lifestyle. For example, try going to bed earlier, eating a healthier breakfast or going for a quick walk when things get stressful. When you set daily goals, you set yourself up for success.

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It’s never too late. Do your best, work hard and you can keep your dream job.