How to Say Goodbye to Coworkers

Those of us who get along with their coworkers know that quitting a job is never about leaving your coworkers behind. In fact, if we could, most of us would be happy to take them along. After all that would certainly be less intimidating than meeting a bunch of new people and having to get to know them and getting them on your side. However, leave your coworkers behind you must when you are seeking greener pastures.

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If you are a person who’s been particularly close to their coworkers having to say goodbye to them might make you feel anxious, so in order to help you out we’ve put together a quick how to guide that will help you get by on that difficult day when you have to say goodbye to your coworkers.

1. Inform Them

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Needless to say you should wait until your resignation has been approved by your boss before you tell your coworkers anything. If you have coworkers with whom you are close at work you might find it difficult to wait, but the reality is that that’s the only professional way to go about it.

After you’ve discussed matters with your boss write an email to your coworkers informing them of your decision to leave. An email will be an easier way for you to let them know as it won’t be as awkward as standing up in your office and saying that you are leaving, while you’ll also ensure that everyone will be made aware of the fact that you are going and nobody will feel excluded.

Also, if you are planning a little goodbye party make sure that you mention it in this email. Let them know when and where and ask them to RSVP if they’re planning to attend.

This article will help you write the perfect goodbye email so make the best of it. 

2. Bring Treats on Your Last Day


You want to make your last day as pleasurable as possible and some sugar and chocolate always have a way of bringing the best out of people, so why not bring some treats into work as a goodbye present for your coworkers?

You can get a chocolate cake or some donuts, but anything you bring in for your coworkers will be appreciated so don’t fuss over picking something really special. Just make sure that whatever you bring there’s plenty to go around for everyone.

3. Give Away Your Stuff

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I’m sure that you –just like all of us- have a ton of office supplies hidden away in your desk and rather than taking everything back to the supply closet, opt for giving away your stuff to the people in your department. Host a mini auction by your cubicle and decide who gets to have what.

4. Have a Goodbye Party

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On your final day make sure to go for after-work drinks with your coworkers. Pick a place where everyone will be comfortable and where the music is not too loud so as not to disrupt the bonding with your coworkers. Exchange phone numbers, social media accounts, emails etc. and make sure that you have some way to contact everyone.

Thank everyone for coming to your party and ensure them that they’ll remain in your heart.

Saying goodbye to coworkers can be sad for everyone, but make sure that you make the most of your last day with them. If you’ve had some kind of beef with anyone of them make sure that you solve any lingering issues and make sure that you are leaving on a friendly note.