Scholarships Demystified – Infographic

Did you know that the overwhelming majority of students in the USA received some form of financial aid for their studies? This infographic by FluidReview explores some surprising and humorous stats about scholarships in America. Shedding light into where billions of dollars are distributed every year, where do they come from, what kind of scholarships exist and much more.

Key facts

  • 48% of students benefited from federal scholarships, while 36% received money from scholarships provided by private corporations, foundations and civic groups. 31% received financial support by state and/or local scholarships.
  • The highest average amounted awarded was $8,366 by private scholarships.
  • 59% of scholarships receivers were female.
  • $49 billion is awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional skills. $46 billion of the money came from the federal, state  and local governmental sources.

Find out what unusual criteria students have to meet to be awarded a scholarship and how many millions of dollars go unawarded every year. Also find out how to avoid getting scammed by fake scholarships in this amazing infographic.