How to Search for a New Job while Employed

Let’s be honest, not everyone who’s employed likes his current job. While some complain about insufficient pay, others complain about poor working conditions, mistreatment by their superiors and many other forms of worker rights violations. Yet, despite all these challenges, we still cling to our current job because it’s the best option available at the moment. There is also the challenge of looking for another job without risking the loss of our current jobs, especially if one wants to work in two jobs. Which begs the question, how do we search for a new job while we’re still employed?

#1 Survey Job Vacancies Online
This is quite an obvious option in this age of cyberspace. Many sites have job offers for a wide variety of career choices. Jobs also range from short-term and contractual to long-term and permanent jobs. Our partner site would be a great start since one gets to not only search for jobs, but you also get daily career advice like what you’re currently reading on It’s also wise to subscribe to email updates to stay informed regarding opportunities being offered on a daily basis.

#2 Ask Family, Friends and Acquaintances
This is where you put you social skills on the ground into proper use. Family and friends have on many occasions proven to be very effective ’encyclopaedias’ when one wants to stay informed and updated regarding job opportunities on offer. They also help when it comes to recommending you for vacancies in their respective companies. And last but not least, they advise us on how to handle a variety of interviews thanks to their wealth of informative experience.

#3 Engage with Like-minded Professionals on Social Media
Social media is an indifferent tool that can be used for self-elevation or self-destruction. For instance, when it comes to your career reputation, instead of wasting your social media presence tweeting blunt attention-seeking posts, you should instead take advantage by showcasing your professionalism. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Serious professionals have been known to peruse one’s tweeting/posting history before engaging with them. At the end of the day, everyone wants a job but few show the seriousness required to clinch the lucrative and promising offers.

#4 Attend Career Workshops and Forums
These are the best fertile grounds for job vacancies since job scouts are known to frequent such events to ’poach’ exceptional talents. Active engagement and interaction with attendees would increase the chances of you shaking hands with a job scout. In addition, rigorous problem-solving participation will have job scouts clamouring for you with lucrative, competitive and attractive offers that will leave you spoilt for choice.

#5 Pay Keen interest in TV, Newspaper/Magazine and Billboard Job Vacancy Ads
As ’old-school’ as this may sound, there are indeed some very viable jobs advertised on mainstream media. However, the disappointment with such job vacancies comes with the fact that thousands who see the ads might also be interested thus leading to an avalanche of interviewees during the interview day. For instance, I once saw an ad in Nairobi for vacancies in cabin crew at Qatar Airways. The interview was supposed to go from 7 am to 7 pm. When I arrived at 8 am, I got a rude shock when I was informed that the interview ended at 7.30 am because apparently, many people arrived as early as 4 am. The rest of us were told leave our CVs, go home and wait for feedback. Thousands of CVs were left behind and of course, there was no feedback due to the high level of competition in the first place.

#6 Consult Career Mentors and Key Industry Players
Remember those contacts you saved when you met those top CEOs in social events? Remember those key industry players who frequently engage with you on social media? Well, it’s about time you came out straight and honest about your current job and why you’d want to change it. Chances are, if the CEO regards you as a problem solver, he’ll suggest some job vacancies available thus saving you the task of having to follow up on lucrative job vacancies ’like the rest’ of other job seekers.

#7 Subscribe to a Job Seeking Agency
Job seeking agencies have been proven to be quite effective especially in the Middle East. For a meager monthly fee, you’ll avoid the inconvenience of having to ask around for job opportunities since you’re fully pre-occupied in your current job. Job seeking agencies also conveniently market your skills by showcasing your resume to serious and prospective employers. However, you should be very careful about the agency you subscribe to since some have been proven to connect job seekers to rogue jobs. It’s necessary to do a background check about the integrity of an agency by looking for testimonials online and on the ground before subscribing to it.

During the Agrarian Revolution, peasants had little say regarding the jobs given to them. The philosophy back then was ’take it or leave it’. However, we’ve got a myriad of options today and vast resources of job opportunities on offer. It’s therefore up to us to stop complaining about our current jobs behind the scenes and take advantage of resources at our disposal. As the saying goes, grumbling doesn’t make the bread grow larger.




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