How to Select Employee of the Year

Your business couldn’t have done it without her. Your team was able to put together successful projects because of that one special employee. Your brand achieved full ubiquity because she went above and beyond for the past year. Now she will be, or at least should be, selected as employee of the year. 

When you have a team of excellent employees, it can be rather difficult in choosing who should be selected as the employee of the year. Is it that person who came to work every single day and worked over time? What about that junior clerk who met deadlines consistently and never complained? Shouldn’t that individual who maintained a positive attitude and contributed to the office landscape over the past year be considered? 

Let’s face it: a business can only survive and thrive because of its personnel. If its staffers are chronic complainers who hate their work and shout to the heavens that they’re chained to the desk then the company can never meet quarterly expectations. In other words, a business is only as good as the professional it hires. 

If you’re in the midst of choosing the next employee of the year, here are seven traits that you should mull over:

1. Punctual

Employee absenteeism has cost both the taxpayer and businesses in the United States billions of dollars each year. Absences have been greatly soured upon. With that being said, those employees that arrive to work on time (and early) every single working day should be compensated fairly in the form of being recognized for this incredible level of dedication. 

2. High-Quality Work

Whether they’re down with the flu or they’re under pressure to meet several deadlines within a week’s time span, they submit error-free, high-quality work. No matter what the situation is, this employee maintains high standards and excels under pressure. Simply put: this staff member is the best in the world at what they do. 

3. A Positive Attitude

It could be bitterly cold outside. The office could be swamped with work. This person could even feel under the weather. Nevertheless, they will maintain an upbeat and positive attitude. This is an important attribute that a person should have in any office. They also perform their work well, maintain a commendable attendance record and thrive in the corporate environment. 

4. Collaborated with Others

For the newest generation of professionals, it can be rather difficult in communicating and working with others. Let’s face it: millennials are too busy staring at their phones and speaking with emoticons instead of actually verbally communicating. So, this employee exudes collaboration and has been working quite well with team members, and even in other departments, too.

5. Embraced the Golden Rule

There is one rule that has often been neglected, though it was instilled in us at a very early age: the Golden Rule, treat those the same way you wish to be treated. This employee, regardless of the situation or the person, maintained this belief and always respected their colleagues, whether they were her subordinates or superiors.

6. Refused to Play Office Politics

Instead of participating in inter-office politics, being a part of cliques and partaking in gossip, this employee was a neutral party and just did his job without playing politics. Essentially, they have played the role of Switzerland for the past year. 

7. Above & Beyond

Worked weekends, arrived early to work and stayed later, did some work at home, arranged office parties and completed whatever management asked of them. In other words, this staffer went above and beyond the call of duty, and their pay grade. Is there someone like this in your workforce? 

Although employees just want a bigger paycheck each week, there are many that still like to be recognized for all of their hard work. Sometimes, it’s the little things that turn out to be the big things after all, which does include being rewarded with an Employee of the Year award. Don’t just award your favorites at the office, be objective and research who is positively contributing to your company.




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