How to Sell Yourself as an Expert in Your Field

If you want your business to succeed then it’s important that you appear as an expert in your field. This is the only sure fire way to get people to trust you and by extension get your business ahead. Becoming an expert in your field comes with lots of benefits, first and foremost though, it comes with the authority of being knowledgeable in your field which essentially means that people should trust you.

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But you shouldn’t focus on being an expert only when you are the owner of a business, there’s a lot of benefits to being an expert even if you are just a job seeker. Just imagine the authority that comes with selling yourself as an expert in your field in a job interview.

The first step to selling yourself as an expert in your field is obviously to become an expert, and that part comes with a lot of reading and researching. Job experience helps of course, but if you are truly interested in becoming an expert you need to be knowledgeable. Now, selling yourself as an expert implies that you need to be confident that you are an expert, and then everything else is easy. The internet has in fact made it even easier. So this is how you should sell yourself as an expert in your field.

1. Provide Answers

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a random question you needed answered, but if you did, then I bet you asked your favourite search engine, and it landed you on some kind of question-answer page. Yahoo Answers is by far the most popular website where you can offer your expertise, but there’s also Quora and just about a million other websites that will allow you to provide answers.

Answering questions online gives you online visibility, a target we all aim for these days. By answering questions, you appear to be an expert, and this can increase your following which will land more people on your personal website or your business’ website.

2. Make Sure to Use Links

As I’m sure you remember from university, an answer that’s backed up by data, research or even just an article that goes into more depth makes for a better answer. This is why you need to include links for every answer you provide. Whether that’s statistics you’ve found on the internet and you’re just sourcing the information you’ve provided, or it’s a blog post that covers the topic more extensively, this makes your answer seem more legit which will enable you to appear as an expert.

3. Do Not Self-Promote


Self-promotion is considered as the ultimate sin in the internetverse of free information, so make sure that you don’t try to trick users. In other words, don’t provide partial answers to get readers to contact you or trick them into going to your website. Focus on providing free, valuable information and readers will come looking for you on their own.

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It’s true that there are lots and lots of wannabe experts on the internet today, but if you take care and provide useful information this can seriously help your business get ahead, and it can also help you get ahead if you are looking for a job.

Do you answer questions online? Has it created a following for you? Share with us in the comment section below.





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