Selling Digital Products: Tips for Beginners


One of the best ways of making money online is by creating and selling your own digital products. Here are some of the products you could consider promoting:

  • Online courses – People love online courses since they can learn on their own schedule. You can offer text-based or video courses on almost any subject imaginable. If you are already an authority in your niche or industry, this can be a great source of extra income.
  • Premium content – You could consider creating and selling content in form of articles, podcasts and video. Alternatively, you could create a membership website where people pay to access exclusive information.
  • EBooks – The best thing about eBooks is that they don’t cost much to create. In addition, unlike other products, they don’t require much customer service.
  • Software – This could be anything from WordPress plugins to antivirus software. However, unless you have the technical knowledge, you will need to hire a professional developer to create the software. In addition, this kind of product might require a lot of customer support.

What you need to get started

Here are some of the things you will need to begin selling your own digital products:

1. A product

Obviously, this is the first thing you will require before you start selling. This could be downloadable videos, license keys, software or eBooks.

2. Your own site

If you don’t already have a site or blog, you need to create one. Since hiring a designer can be costly, you could consider building the site yourself using the WordPress platform. You can enhance the appearance of your site by using premium templates from sites such as StudioPress and Elegant Themes.

3. An ecommerce platform

There are numerous platforms out there which can make selling your own digital products easy. Some of the most popular include Easy digital downloadsSendOwlDigital Product Delivery (DPD)E-Junkie and Selz. You can open an account with such platforms within minutes and begin selling your products. These platforms handle the checkout process and allow you to integrate your preferred payment gateway. In addition, they provide customers with a secure download link and handle product delivery.

4. Payment gateway

You will need a payment gateway that customers can use to pay for products. Besides PayPal, you can also choose from, PayMill, Stripe, SagePay and BitPay. Be sure to choose a payment gateway which will integrate with your ecommerce platform.

5. Email marketing service

Though this is optional, it would be advisable to work with an email marketing service such as GetResponse, AWeber MailChimp, Constant Contact and MailChimp. Such services will help you create a list of prospects which can be used for future marketing. Just like the payment gateway, make sure the email marketing service can integrate with your ecommerce platform.

How to choose a product

Your success in email marketing will be determined by the kind of product you choose to promote. Here are some guidelines for making this decision:

1. Research your audience

Take time to carry out some research to find out what kind of products would interest your audience. Find out what format works best for them. Would they prefer content in an eBook, article or video? You should also find out what topics they are interested in. This way, you will be able to create a product that is in demand.

post vacancies
post vacancies

2. Check forums and blog comments

Comments left in forums or on your blog can give you a good idea of what your audience wants. What issues are people dealing with? What questions are they asking? Create products which will provide solutions.

3. Create products in your area of expertise

If you are well known in your industry, it would be advisable to create a product related to your expertise. This will enhance your chances of selling it. For example, if you are a fitness expert, it will be easier to create and sell workout videos.

The thought of selling your own digital products should not be intimidating. The guidelines above will make it easier to get started.





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