Selling the Job Without Overselling it

One of the most important stages of the recruitment process is advertising the job to the right candidates. A well-written job advert will attract the best candidates for the job and will usually save the recruiter time in filtering through unsuitable applications. The job advert must reflect the true duties, obligations, benefits, and responsibilities that the new employee will take on, without over selling the job or the company.

Overselling can be detrimental

It is a risk for recruiters to over sell a vacancy in a job advert or at interview stage as this will result in candidates being attracted to the job for all the wrong reasons, and may eventually lead to the early resignation of a new employee.

Many companies make the mistake of over selling the job to potential employees, which although increases interest in a position, it often results in the company experiencing a high employee turnover rate.

Honesty is key

It is essential that both parties are honest in the recruitment process. Recruiters need to be aware of the true motivations and skills of the candidate, while the candidates must be told exactly what is expected of them and the true aspects of the vacancy. By providing the job description in an overly favorable light, the candidate will expect more from the job and the company than they will get, which will lead to job dissatisfaction and a poor working relationship between the employer and employee.

Writing an appealing job advert

The art to writing a descriptive job advert that both appeals to its target audience and also reflects the job and the company in a fair way, is to simply be as honest about the position as possible. It may be useful to use appropriate words that best reflect the organizations ethos or the type of job offered, such as; challenging role, dynamic environment, team orientated role, rewarding position, excellent communication skills essential, company benefits and bonus scheme, etc.

Make sure keywords are appropraite

Using words that over exaggerate the job in a favorable or unfavorable light will result in poorly matched candidates for the role. Underselling a job to test the motivation and commitment of candidates may result in many qualified candidates not applying for the role. Similarly, overselling the job will result in large volume of applications and will also risk the reputation of the company if new employees quit after finding that promises made at interview stage are not honored.

Specific descriptions help to filter suitable employees

Overall, it is important to be as honest as possible throughout the recruitment process. This will help filter out candidates that will not be suitable for the role, while also ensuring the most relevant and skilled individuals go into the job with all the correct information about the position and the company. This will allowing job interviewees to base their job acceptance on the real aspects of the job and will likely ensure their overall job satisfaction in the long run.




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