SEO Success Tips for 2015

The Search Engine Optimization industry has made a great deal of progress during 2014. Thanks to improved technology, search engines, such as Google, have finally managed to discover a reliable way to make content the focus of search results, rather than traditional keywords. This has helped advance the industry, opening the doors for a new generation of creative writers. The focus for the upcoming year, and beyond, will be on truly unique, engaging, and informative content that cannot be found elsewhere.

Here are some things to bear in mind when crafting your 2015 SEO policies:

Individual Keywords are out

Content matters more than anything else in the coming year. Instead of forcing your content to work around one or two word phrases, utilize open ended statements that would appear in a reader’s search request. For instance, if you are offering belt buckles a good key word phrase would be, “What are the best belt buckles for social events...”

Context will lead to better received and indexed articles, that are guaranteed to help spur reader interest.

Search Engines can Detect Bought Links

For a while, it was possible to hire someone to provide a hundred (or a thousand) links to your site. This was done to boost your position in the Internet search engines. Google has made a point to stamp out this, by optimizing their algorithms to penalize sites with large numbers of links, but little in the way of original or informative content.

Instead, use the traditional route of direct advertising and guest blogging to increase awareness of your site. These two may be more time consuming and expensive, but the leads they generate will be genuine and provide the needed data to optimize your site and content to reader’s needs and expectations.

Generalized Optimization Must Take Into Account Other Search Engine

While Google is still the largest search engine, people are now willing to look at alternatives. For instance, Firefox has changed the default search engine for new releases to Yahoo. Microsoft has successfully integrated Bing into many people’s lives and even offers them rewards. And who can’t forget about Duck Duck Go, the search engine that does not track you?

Instead of focusing on one search engine, you need to focus on creating quality content that will rank highly with all of them. Remember – search algorithms are advancing to the point where content matters more than keywords.

Social Networks Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Social networks, like Facebook, are some of the best places to reach out to current and potential customers. Since signing up and maintaining a profile is free, you will not have to pay for advertising. All you need is to convince your current customers to friend you, and then offer engaging content that will cause their friends to follow you as well. It is the ultimate form of organic growth your can find in the twenty-first century.

Search Engine Optimization is growing swiftly from its early days of keyword stuffed articles and page headers. It is now an art form that requires dedication and a special talent for crafting the written word into forms that both inform and please the eye.

When you plan your next round of articles, remember that the more useful and unique they are, the higher they will be rated. Include phrases that people would realistically use in a search engine, and make it a critical part of the document.

Do not buy links, instead rely on traditional advertisements, guest blogging, and organic growth to help increase your presence online.