How to Set Up a Home Office You Can Actually Work In

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A non-existent commute, completely flexible working hours and home comforts at your fingertips - these are just some of the reasons which make working from home so appealing…

But if you are permanently based from home, it is absolutely essential to create a suitable workstation in order to remain consistently productive - the prospect of spending all day in your pyjamas while working from the comfort of the couch may sound great, but it isn’t sustainable and may very well lead to a dip in your work productivity.

So, what are the key things to consider when creating a home office that you can actually work in? Here are a few tips that may lend a helping hand…

Keep Away From Distractions

All of us get distracted; in fact I got distracted by something just before writing this sentence! However, when setting up a home office (no matter how much or little space you have) it is important that you set up a work area which isn’t completely accessible to your TV or games console - you’ll be constantly tempted to keep checking what’s happening on Jeremy Kyle and your work will suffer. Setting up your desk against a wall is an excellent idea as it is proven to maximise focus!

Grab the Essentials

This should go without saying, but it is imperative your hardware (laptop, desktop, tablet etc.) is in the best working order possible as slow, unresponsive machines just make life difficult! Make sure you take care of your equipment and carry out regular health checks on your main desktop device to ensure it doesn’t let you down!

In addition to this, you need a desk, a very comfortable chair (if you don’t have an office chair, a dining chair with plenty of padding works well) a notepad, a paper filing box, small bin and stationary. These are the bare bones of any office workstation and when you’re working from home, it shouldn’t be any different. If you don’t have room for a desk, use a surface around 2½ feet high (or even a stand up desk if it’s preferable) such as a chest of drawers or a dining table - although not completely ideal, it is a good alternative to a desk if you’re lacking space.

Put Some Personality into It!

Obviously, keeping things neat, well organised, clean and tidy are important – and there are some great office based gadgets to help you do just that! But, even more importantly, putting a few personal touches into your working environment is proven to create a happier, more productive working environment.  Here are few ways you can just that:

·             Put a few plants on or around your desk - this is very calming

·             Have one of your favourite photo’s or knick knacks next to your work station

·             Place a couple of beloved or inspirational posters, prints or calendars on your office wall

·             Make your storage solutions into mini masterpieces - check this out for some inspiration!

Some of the above advice may sound straightforward, but so many people seem to neglect these key elements when it comes to setting up a home office. If you follow this advice and put a little piece of yourself into your working environment, you will notice an increase in motivation, concentration, happiness and ultimately, productivity.

Good luck!




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