How to Set Your Prices as an SEO Freelancer

How to Set Your Prices as an SEO Freelancer iStock

Freelancers are business owners. They set the prices they charge for their work. There are no hard and fast rules on pricing. Some freelancers will charge more than others. And this is what causes such a problem for novice SEO writers. If you’re new to SEO writing and you’re unsure of where to start, start here. We will demonstrate how you should go about setting your prices as an SEO freelancer.

Becoming a Cheap Practitioner

If you’re lacking in work or experience, it’s tempting to lower your prices. This is the wrong way to go about it. If this was the case, writers from India, Pakistan, and the Philippines would dominate the market. The fact is the best clients stay away from the cheaper practitioners. It demonstrates you don’t value yourself. If a company sees you’re not valuing yourself correctly, why should they trust you as a professional?

Charge for what you’re worth. Now all you need to do is discover how to assess your worth.

Do You Have Qualifications?

Qualifications like college degrees are important in any line of work. Whilst there are plenty of freelancers without them, they won’t do you any harm. They’re more important if you don’t yet have a sufficient amount of work experience under your belt. List your qualifications in front of you. Think about the time and effort that went in to obtaining them.

What About Work Experience?

Work experience beats everything in freelancing. Someone with no qualifications and lots of experience will always beat someone with lots of qualifications. Clients want the job done. They don’t care what college you went to or what you majored in.

List the most relevant writing clips to you. For example, have you worked for a big company? What did you achieve? Are these results measurable? Can you prove them? If so, this is all going to go into increasing the prices you can set.

Review Other Freelancers

Try to connect with other freelancers to find out what they’re charging. There are lots of ways you can do this. You can pose as a client to find out how much they’re charging, you can connect with them on LinkedIn, or you can scour online forums to see what the going rates are.

It’s a crucial step because it gives you an idea of the market. Look at someone similar to you, in terms of qualifications and work experience, and charge accordingly.

Always Review Your Prices

The general trend in prices should always be upwards. Aim to review your prices every six to twelve months. If your value has gone up to a client, make sure you’re charging more. Over time, the clients unwilling to pay more than a few pennies will drop away and you’ll constantly increase the value of your portfolio.

This is a step so many freelancers miss. They will find a price point and stick with it forever. Before they know it they have a reputation as someone on a lower price point, so they’ll find it harder to attract the bigger clients.

Overall, setting your prices as an SEO freelancer is a matter of research and being able to objectively define your worth. Don’t feel like you have to lower your prices because it’s slow at a specific time of year. Stick to your guns and know how valuable you are. If you’ve priced in the correct way, you’ll soon find clients who see what you can do for them.

You’ll get your price sooner or later. That’s why in freelance circles this is known as the feast and famine cycle. Don’t let your heart and your emotions rule your business.