Seven Must-Have Apps for Entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur, you may be wearing multiple hats and trying to keep your cool at the same time. Technology now plays a crucial role in every sphere of our life. So, why not get a little tech savvy and try some apps that are meant to help you manage your time, tasks and productivity better?

There are several options available across each category and every user’s needs are different. A trial and error approach may be required to know what works best for you. The following list is a modest attempt to showcase some of the best apps that have found acceptance amongst many users:

InVision: If your start-up idea revolves around creating a website or a software, it makes perfect sense to create a prototype which would come in handy especially during investor and prospective customer presentations. Even if you do not have any prior experience in coding or designing, this app helps you create a prototype within a short span of time depending on the complexity level you would like to introduce in the prototype. More details at InVision

Dropbox: This app helps create a virtual office to share documents with other stakeholders. This app allows you the flexibility to decide who you would like to share the files with – your team members, customers etc. Using Dropbox as a shared server is a great step towards transparency in the way you conduct business. As a small business owner, important and sharable documents such as code-of-conduct, employee handbooks, product literature, financial reports, investor presentations etc. can be stored on Dropbox account. Dropbox Business account costing $15 per user per month also offers facilities such as tracking logins, devices and locations, unlimited file recovery etc. Check out further details at Dropbox

Toshl: Keeping a tab on the cost incurred is crucial to the success of your business. Tracking daily expenditure is easy when you use an app like Toshl that is available for web usage as also across all smartphone platforms. With Toshl Pro priced at $19.99, tracking expenses through fun visualizations is easy. The ease of recording expenses in any international currency and ensuring data security adds to the Toshl experience. With the Finovate Europe 2014 Best of Show award in their kitty, Toshl’s growing clout in the Finance management space is clearly evident. Get more details at Toshl

Mailchimp: Manage your marketing campaigns effectively using this software which boasts of more than 5 million users currently. If your subscriber base is less than 2000, every month you can send across 12000 e-mails for free. Easy to use pre-designed templates help you create attractive newsletters. If you sign up for the paid account incurring a cost of $10/month, you can have access to add-on features such as automated mail responses, time zone based delivery etc. Further details available at MailChimp

Tripit: As an entrepreneur, many of your workdays may be spent living out of a suitcase. To help you keep track of your travel plans, TripIt helps you consolidate reservations, itineraries, boarding passes etc.  You can share your travel plans with your colleagues, family, customers etc. to keep your whereabouts updated. TripIt Pro priced at $49/year gives you value added services such as alternate flight options, cancellation refund updates, VIP privileges with car rental companies etc. For more details, check out TripIt

Evernote: Ever felt like scribbling your ideas without the hassle of later searching for those bits of paper? Well, it is possible with Evernote – a suite of products that allows you to write notes, save images or entire web pages and can be synced across all devices that you use. Evernote has now taken the competition to the next level by introducing handwriting recognition to its Android app. More details available at Evernote

Splashtop: Accessing files and editing them remotely was never easier than this. With Splashtop, it’s not just work, but also entertainment on the go that is simplified. Thanks to the annotation feature that empowers you with the ability to write, draw or even highlight over remote desktop screens, you can make presentations lively. Check out Splashtop for further details.

With these apps, better control of your work life seems to be just a few clicks away. Try some of these apps today and don't forget to share your feedback. Your insights on other such useful apps are more than welcome, so that we can build an exhaustive list together.