How to Share Career Advice Tips

Whether you’ve worked for years in the same career, you’ve spent time managing others, or you have many months on the unemployment line under your belt, chances are you have a work story or two worth sharing. Surviving that layoff or managing a team of dozens of employees gives you a unique perspective on the work world -- and one that, well-executed, can make you great at giving advice to others. 

If you’re proud of how far you’ve come and you’re looking for ways to share your career advice tips, here are a few ways to get started. 

Start your own blog.

It used to be that in order to dole out advice to others in a published format, you had to prove yourself to the editor of a newspaper or magazine. While established publications -- and their accompanying websites -- are still places to pursue starting your own career advice column, a much easier way to start out is to launch your own blog. Sites including and won’t cost you anything, and the built-in templates make creating the look of your blog quite simple. 

With the layout handled, start writing about anything or everything career-related you can think of. By putting in the time, promoting their blogs on social media and finding paying advertisers and subscribers, some bloggers have turned a hobby into a full-time career. In any case, having your own blog will give you plenty of writing samples that you can use to show others what you can do. 

Guest blog for others. 

With some writing clips under your belt, another option is to write as a guest blogger or guest columnist for other people’s blogs or websites. Like any other freelance writer out there, the trick here is to pitch angles or career tales that the publication hasn’t covered yet, or to offer some unique perspective on a common problem. With the right amount of expertise and timing, you could even get paid for your submissions. 

Share on social media. 

When you create your posts on your own blog or on someone else’s site, share them on social media. Post links on Facebook and Twitter. LinkeIn also has a function that allows you to post articles and career advice -- helping you to network as well as provide valuable advice to job seekers. 

Make a business of it.

If you’re more interested in helping people on a personal level versus an electronic method of communication, another option is to start your own consulting business or career coaching business. Startup costs include business  cards, an office space, and creating a website, as well as buying a computer to communicate with clients. While you’ll meet with some clients one-on-one, having the computer allows you to also meet with clients via Skype. In addition, you’ll need to spend some time attending networking events and getting your name out there via advertising and social media. 

Pursue a new career path. 

If you’re hoping to dole out career advice while employed for someone else, you might consider going back to school to study human resources, counseling or business management. If you already have a bachelor’s, you might pursue these fields at the graduate level. If career advice is really your passion, your new training will provide you with the tools necessary to share your career advice tips all day long -- and get paid well for it too. 

Whether sharing career advice is something you aspire to do full-time or in addition to your regular duties, you have plenty of ways to make it happen. 


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