How to Shine at a Cabin Crew Assessment Day

Once you have applied for a cabin crew position, if you meet the basic requirements and successfully pass the pre-screening stage, you will be invited to an assessment day. These can be very intimidating the first time around as there are usually hundreds of candidates and only a few lucky ones will be chosen. You have to be well prepared and determined to succeed as well as knowing the steps and formalities of the assessment procedure. Competition is very fierce for a handful of jobs, so you have to shine to stand out in the crowd.

#1 Research the airline. Prior to the assessment day, research what routes and aircraft the airline have. Also read up on their latest news and learn a little about their history. This will give you the background knowledge you need and you can use it when answering the interview questions, to really impress the recruiter.

#2 Prepare well for the interview questions. Think about the kind of questions the recruiter may ask you and prepare your answers in advance – this will give you more confidence on the day. Remember to always use examples from your work experience.

#3 Get there early. Don’t be late or you will not be permitted to attend the assessment day. Get to the venue in good time and take a few deep breaths beforehand.

#4 Look the part. Check your appearance and make sure it is professional and immaculate. It takes 5 seconds to create a first impression, so make sure it is a great one. Make sure you are wearing business attire and have excellent grooming standards. Don’t forget to shine your shoes, as they will notice!

#5 Try to quell nerves. It is natural to be nervous, but try and remember everyone else is nervous too. Be yourself and try and be confident and imagine you already are cabin crew.

#6 Mix well with the other candidates. Make sure you smile and talk with other candidates, especially when there are many cultures – this is important, as the recruiters will be watching!

#7 Team tasks. Never talk over anyone else or say anything negative. Listen carefully to what the other candidates say and have input, but not too much or too little. Get involved in the task but don’t over take it and try to bring someone else in to the conversation. The recruiters are looking for people who excel in the team.

#8 Create a great impression. Smile and be friendly yet professional and make sure you have some eye contact with the recruiter. Speak calmly and clearly and check your posture, making sure you don’t cross your arms or legs or give negative body language.

#9 Don’t take rejection personally. If things don’t work out for you on the day, don’t take it to heart as there are many hidden factors that have nothing to do with your personal ability to become cabin crew. Only a handful of candidates can go through to the final stages and it is sometimes just a numbers game.

#10 Be determined. Never give up, if you really want to be cabin crew – you have to have a lot of patience and perseverance.

To pass the assessment day you have to have some luck on your side as well as having the right qualities and skill set for the job. It takes a lot of time, effort and determination to get a job in this very prestigious industry. You must treat every assessment day as a learning experience and learn something new from each one that you can take to the next one. Each airline is looking for its own ‘mould’ to fill and sometimes, a candidate may not fit that mould – it doesn’t mean that you would not make a great crew member, you just have to find the right airline that ‘fits’ you.