Should Graduates Live With Parents?


Nearly half of young European adults are living with parents, according to recent findings by the research facility Eurofound. Young adults aged 18-30 are faced with the possibility of financial difficulty otherwise.

Unemployed graduates are among those affected. Low/no income and pressure to find work means the first step to launching a career is saving money.

Rental prices are too high

Average rental prices start at £665 in UK, £1,516 in London, based on a Gumtree analysis of 100,000 rental listings. This is out of reach for most. Sadly, moving back home is the only solution.

Living with parents as an adult does have downsides. Mum and dad may nag you, set rules and be around 24/7 when you’d rather have your own space. You can forget about creeping in at the early hours of the morning and drunkenly shouting, ’’ I love you world’’. The thought of memories featuring your parents annoying habits may be off-putting— especially if dad likes you to shave his back since mum can’t do it right. Money is tight; however, so moving back in with parents usually makes sense.

Remember the plus sides of moving back home; you’ll stay sane.

Extend flexibility with Internship opportunities

Ever notice unpaid internships that sound like amazing opportunities? Well, companies often require full-time interns for at least 3 months. You couldn’t consider it with commitments at a minimum wage job just to scrape together rent money. Live with parents, and you wouldn’t have to worry about that. You’ll be in a position to accept any type of internship, earn relevant industry references and the ideal experience.

Gone are the pressures of finding odd jobs to pay rent (assuming you could get any). Efforts are dedicated to securing a paid internship, junior graduate role or something even better. You can search/apply for jobs at your own pace.

Find more time to blog

Have you considered starting a blog to help you gain paid work? Fortunately, if you’re unemployed and living with family there’s enough time. Blogs require a lot of hours to maintain, write for and promote, but it’s well worth it. Employers experience a first row seat to the brilliance of your thoughts. Instead of saying why you’re good, you show them by publishing posts about useful how-to’s, ways you solved complex problems and displaying knowledge about industry changes. Let them understand you are worth hiring. Put in some hard work upfront, build connections and land your dream job.

Kiley Stenberg, from a Sequin Dress at, used a blog to snatch her dream job. So did countless others. Why can’t you?

Gain more creative freedom

Constant pressures to quickly find work means less graduates experiment with creative methods. Plenty of advertised jobs demand attention. A little creative juice helps you stand out. It demonstrates your ability to approach tasks differently when needed—a good quality for an employee to possess. Fortunately, sharing housing with parents provides flexibility to try unusual approaches more often.

Don’t believe me?

Antonia Harler wrote a blog post titled: Why I am worth hiring. She used social media to attract more exposure and ended up with a new job.

- An unemployed graduate spent his last £500 on a billboard to attract a job. He received 100 job offers.

- A 45-year old dad from Essex, UK stood on roadsides with a sign and landed a new job.

What will you accomplish?

Living with parents can sometimes feel degrading and reduce your independence. There’s a good reason behind it. Those thoughts should never be lost. The Positive outcomes always outweigh the negative impacts in the long run.  Achieving career goals is your ultimate goal.

Sure, living independently is nice, but you might miss out on important opportunities for career progression. Keep that in mind. Don’t forget to treat mum and dad to a weekend away when you’re finally there.




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