Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

January – never the most uplifting time of the year. Having spent a decent amount of time off from work overindulging and relaxing with your loved ones, you may find yourself returning to the office feeling deflated, fed up and ready for a change.

If you are considering changing jobs, read the guide below to see if the time is really right for you to hand in your notice. 

Factors for consideration

January is never the best month to consider changing jobs. Many people perceive their situations with heightened negativity at this time of year, as they are broke after all the Christmas spending, tired from having to get up early again, may have put on a few kilos after all that overindulging, fed up with the winter weather and are generally not feeling themselves.

If you are at a crossroad in your current position and aren’t sure if now is the time to make a departure, approach the situation with caution. Evaluate your situation objectively. Ask yourself the following questions:

Q. How many years have I been employed at my current company?

Q. How do I feel about working for a different company?

Q. Will I be better off elsewhere?

Q. Are my reasons for wanting to leave reasonable enough?

Q. Can I afford to leave my job at this time?

Q. What are the benefits of changing companies for a new opportunity?

Benefits of moving jobs

If you have been at your current position for a long period of time (think 7 years plus), understand the benefits of expanding your career at another company. You will learn a new company’s culture and philosophy, a new way of problem solving, a new management style, and exposure to different software tools and systems. You will also acquire a whole new set of challenges while learning how to resolve them.


How to establish if the time is right

1.       Research your options. Whether you are thinking of setting up your own business or working elsewhere, research every option available to you. What companies are out there in your field of interest? How are they performing?

2.       Can another company or opportunity offer you exposure in ways that are not available in your current company?

3.       Are you challenged enough here or working at a steady pace?

4.       What are the drawbacks of leaving your current company?